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  1. Gojira FX Tubescreamer 808 with Bass boost and symmetrical/asymmetrical switches. £100 £90 £85 (+£5 first class recorded delivery postage). Mint condition and perfect working order. Pink with Homer Simpson 'Mr Sparkle' artwork and Duff beer knobs. Handmade to order in the UK. Includes large and small tins. "Inspired by the classic 808 Tube Screamer, the Gojira 808 provides an overdrive which adds real analogue crunch and beautiful tone to your sound! - The Volume Knob controls the overall output volume. - The Tone Knob controls your tone from bass to treble. - The Gain Knob controls the amount of gain (overdrive). - Symmetrical/Asymmetrical diode clipping switch to give more range in your tone. - Bass Boost switch to increase the low end.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Yeah, that and YouTube tutorials and a few books have done me alright so far (along with a reading and theory foundation of piano lessons when I was young). It feels like formal courses and exams could help me level up though - perhaps I'll learn to love sight reading or Jazz noodling!
  4. Has anyone here as an adult that can already play the Bass to an alright band-playing level decided to do learning and exams for Bass Grades and thought it was worthwhile? I don't need the certificates for what I do or what I aspire to do but I think the pressure of deadlines for exams and formal learning might help push me out of my comfort zone and improve my overall Bass playing faster than the informal way I do it - I play in two bands and learn the songs and can play the music competently, but the music is similar genres and there's no need to read music (but I can read music, slowly), I sometimes fall into a 'that'll do' attitude and perhaps I need a formally structured kick up the ar$e!
  5. I bought a pedal from Luke with good comms and quick delivery and it's in the good condition as described. Thanks!
  6. Classical, Jazz, Techno, Ambient, Dub, tribal drumming, (and many more) disagree. Instrumental music communicates emotions without directly telling you in lyrics 'I am sad/happy because...' it's applicable to every human regardless of what languages they speak, it lets you use your imagination. It's instrumental music that makes me consider the philisophical question of why people enjoy music, whereas someone singing 'yeah, yeah, I love you baby, and I don't mean maybe' sort of de-values music.
  7. I'm not so sure about selling this now as initially I thought it seemed that even with gain at minimum was too high to ever be used for subtle overdrive, that was at home playing solo through headphones or monitor speakers without an amp/cab sim though; I played through a loud amp & cab competing against four other band members last night the gain level made a lot more sense - it can be turned up reasonably high in that sort of situation before being really noitcable distortion (or turn up high to almost be in fuzz territory).
  8. The C4 and Future Impact are the best ones I've used. To get the best out of either of them requires Laptop editing though (and extra control stuff for the C4). Or save £hundreds and go the Zoom route which isn't as good but does decent usable synth sounds.
  9. I guess it might have been down to the rest of my setup but also that I had the non-deluxe version which doesn't have as much EQ control.
  10. I'd need to draw a line at Robbie Williams 'Angels'.
  11. Yeah, I'm suprised they aren't playing bigger venues/festivals, they are playing at a punk festival this weekend. Personally, I'd put them headlining City Splash as they are pretty much the best UK Roots Reggae band still playing live in the UK. They were practicing at Arch studios in Chiswick and had Blood Shanti playing keys. I was a bit star-struck! Edit: Blood shanti was drumming
  12. Misty In Roots were playing in a practice room next to us the other day and sounded excellent (my band didn't end up playing much as we kept stoping to listen!), had a chat with a couple of them and they were very friendly and down to earth and supportive.
  13. Withdrawn One control hookers green bass machine 4k. Overdrive/Distortion. £90 including recorded delivery. Excellent condition, perfect working order, boxed. I only bought it about 2 weeks ago from Thomann (was £110 + £8 postage). All works fine and sounds good but I'm after something with lower gain. I'd return it for a refund other than they now charge £18 for returns postage & customs etc and I've stuck strong velcro on the base.
  14. Christopher Ellis - Rub A Dub
  15. I've got an MXR Brown Acid which I think is based on the Coloursound and likewise - no bass loss, no need for clean blend.
  16. "sweeping between 500 Hz to 2.4 kHz with the Low Mid Frequency knob (LMF) or 3.5 kHz to 7.5 kHz on the High Mid Frequency knobs (HMF)." Isn't that all a bit high? The 100-500Hz range is where I tend to want the most control but presumably thats's all covered by the one (non-sweepable) Bass dial so it's going to have a broad Q and not much control (e.g. wanting to reduce <70Hz while boosting 300Hz seems impossible). Seems like most other EQ pedals give more control in that range to do that: Sweepable ranges on the Q-Strip (40 kHz -700 Hz & 300 Hz- 6kHz), or single mid sweepable things like the Tech 21 Para Driver (160 Hz -3kHz), Starlifter (150Hz–2.8KHz) or EQ points on graphic things like the Boss GEB-7 at 50, 120, 400, 500.
  17. I guess it starts being a bit more like stamp collecting.
  18. Most expensive pedal? This must be a contender:
  19. Anthony B & Massive B 'Turn it up' Carnival vibes!
  20. Capleton 'You will make it'
  21. I'm no expert but if you're not in a rush to sell I'd put it at quite a high price (£400) on Reverb or eBay for a while to test the waters, there is potentially a collector out there that is willing to pay a lot for 37 year old ratty looking rat! Some pedals look best pristine, but an 80s Rat is one that needs a bit of mojo. I think this is the same model as yours and they are trying for £591: https://reverb.com/uk/item/54529910-proco-small-box-rat-1985-whiteface
  22. I'd always think of it as the bedwetter though.
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