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  1. My Valenti jass see post Jan 13th for sale £750 or trade for a nice V string PayPai accepted buyer pays fees ship anywhere
  2. If I sell my Valenti you have a sale David
  3. Back up for sale my Valenti 4 jass in Candy Apple Red , mint condition, nordstrand pickups aguilar pre amp ,Why pay Sadowsky prices when these come from the same Brooklyn workshop at a THIRD of the price inc light wieght case PayPal accepted buyer paying the fees I think 4% will ship anywhere at Buyer expense NOW ONLY £700 for this amazing Bass
  4. How about my Valenti jass plus a little bit of the cash Rich
  5. [quote name='E_MaN' post='114275' date='Jan 5 2008, 07:22 PM']interested in trades?[/quote] Possible, tempt me
  6. [quote name='Spettitt123' post='111548' date='Dec 31 2007, 04:38 PM']Thanks dude! Going to be heartbroken to see any part of it go.[/quote] Hi ,Do you still have the 1001 for sale I urgently need an amp I could collect, how much for the amp alone Rich
  7. As new valenti four string jass in Candy Apple Red mint condition with nordstrand pickups and an aguilar pre amp with light wieght case Pay pal accepted £800 . call 07710 153025 or will trade for a mm 5 or similar
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Hi Fancy a trade for my Valenti jass
  10. [quote name='martthebass' post='108997' date='Dec 24 2007, 05:17 PM']Umm, sounds like you need to try a few basses out regarding your modern sound. Of my 3, not surprisingly my MIA P is the most 'old school'. The Lakky, with Aero Pups is also pretty old fashioned to my ears. The most modern sounding is the Thumb - can sound very clean with MEC's until you dig in. I thought my old Sterling was pretty modern sounding - this sohould have been very similar to your 'Ray5? If you're looking for modern/clean I think it's hard to beat a Status, though some would say that sound is now very '80's.[/quote] Fancy a trade for my Valenti jass
  11. trade my Valenti jass no42 in Candy Apple Red for an Aguilar 4 ohm 4x12 cab could deliver and collect within reason
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Possible sale of my Aguilar DB750 head with a 4x10GS cab rated at 4ohms only a few months old in mint condition, looking for £1600, maybe sell seperatly PM or call 07710 153025 if sale of my 4x10 goes through early january,( fingers crossed) i will be looking for a Aguilar 4x12 pref 4 ohms is there any out there ..cab is now sold thanks Dave have fun DB750 is still there
  14. Valenti is still for sale would take PayPal if buyer pays pp fees. a fantastic bass
  15. Thanks Steve, it was good to meet you merry christmas Rich
  16. [quote name='Johnebass' post='103520' date='Dec 12 2007, 07:39 PM']Anyone interested before it goes on the dreaded eBay............arghhhh[/quote] Hi fancy a trade for my valenti no 42 jass
  17. still for sale, mint condition, for guitar or bass £90 inc p&p
  18. Its a completely different bass, the neck is is the only thing similar ,it has nordy pick ups and an aguilar 2 band preamp which gives it a very wide choice of tones from driving rock tone to a great slap sound if interested PM me Rich
  19. I have bought myself custom shop relic jass, so i really would like to sell my Valenti ,£800 for an absolutly terrific bass ,would travel to meet for fuel money
  20. C'mon treat yourself for xmas only £800 what a bargin
  21. Sorry guys my mistake i put £800 i mistakenly thought Bassjam was after my Valenti which is still for sale Rich
  22. [quote name='bassjamm' post='98608' date='Dec 4 2007, 09:05 AM']Hi, how much are you after for this please.[/quote] I am looking for £800
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