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  1. Where abouts are you based cheers Rich
  2. As I am only playing every couple of months I cannot justify this amazing rig sitting in my lounge, so it has to go. An Aguilar DB750 + a mint DB 4x10 in Tweed +a Korg DTR100 Tuner all housed in a top quality German Amptown Flight case, would prefer to sell as one unit, but maybe split if no takers, call 07710153025 for more details I am in the Grantham /notts area I am looking for £1600 for the whole rig, the best price for the DB750 alone is about that new at the Bass Merchant, email [email protected] Rich .ps they are only shadows in the photos,
  3. Would take an interesting trade of about £600/£700 plus cash
  4. If you cannot download images it's because of too many hits imagecave will reinstall them at midnight CST
  5. No problem opening the thread and pics. send me your email and i will send you them Rich
  6. [quote name='sshorepunk' post='283245' date='Sep 13 2008, 04:49 PM']Looks like and WOTT set about the same images search at the same time Out of interest, I once owned a Custom shop Jazz, the classic model with block inlays and active circuit, more like a '75 but with a modern twist, how does the neck profile on this bass compare to that? The one I had, probaby had the best neck I've ever played on a Fender! Tony[/quote] Hi Tony I have never played any 75's so not sure but it cerainly is akin to a 64 original Rich
  7. For sale a Stealth AC to 9 volts DC adapter 5 outlets of 450mAs in robust metal case wth master on/off switch plus 5 patch leads £17-50 lnc P&P now £15
  8. I am offering my 2007, 1964 custom shop closet classic in an amazing colour being Burgandy Mist (ie Guy Pratt) this colour took one year to arrive from Fender ,the Bass is in as perfect condition as a closet classic can be with no dings or scratches apart from plectrum ones on the pick guard it has an alder body reverse tuning pegs and all the Fender candy plus of course the Certificate of Authenticity serial no R35047 dated 03/07/07 The only ones you can get off of the shelf are 3 colour sunburst & Olympic white and the best price is £1850 from GAK Dolphin and any other Fender dealer it has a Blk Tolex C&G case with Orange lining mint condition This Bass has hardly been played , this is a one off Super Bass. I will ship anywhere and Pay Pal can be used, 4% I think, at buyer expense For any more info please call 07710 153025 or email [email protected] .com would like a quick sale all sensible offers considered try to get pics at the weekend , ps This Bass has been upgraded with Wizard Vintage P/ups for that extra punch, Back Up For Sale £1000 Would take an interesting trade upto £600/700 plus cash email for pics
  9. I think you will find it was sold by Alec at the greedy Gallery a crazy price for a jv even in fiesta red
  10. Thanx guys jazz or jass ,I'm not getting into realms of crap.
  11. For sale ,set of Fender custom shop 64 reissue jass pickups, 2007 £50 + P&P
  12. Sold, subject to the usual
  13. Who keeps pushing me down the list ?
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