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  1. Tuesday Bump .Someone must be interested in this amazing PBass.
  2. Cheers Nick, just going to PM you Rich
  3. [quote name='scrawntcher' date='Jun 15 2008, 05:18 PM' post='219304'] swap for my iceni boudica 5 custom ? quottss Sorry 4 string jass only
  4. Saturday Bump, Just put some round wounds on and it sings,
  5. Thanks Nick Take the jass back, The price is £1,000
  6. Thought I had found the holy grail when I bought this Bass from Chris ( Breedster), but alas no it has an original 73 body rosewood neck& tuners I have put on Seymore quarter pounders in neck and bridge routes,, the bridge pick up was routed out many years ago, put on a torte pickguard and had the frets dressed,set up very well it has tons of mojo but no case, so if anyone is interested would have to collect or meet half way, I have always been a jass man so looking for a tasty jass ,or cash Please PM for price or if you may have a deal, please no timewasters Rich
  7. richardd


    Nice guy, met where we said on time at The Bass Merchant in Essex,no problems at all cheers Nigel Rich
  8. excellant payment we met right on time ? me being a few minutes late thanks again Jake hope you are happy with the EBS Best wishes Rich
  9. Hi. Is any one interested in my G&K 2000 not sure how old it is but a few years,it comes with the foot switch which boosts the second channel when in normal mode as apposed bi amp mode, also mutes for tuner, it has a small problem that sometimes even though is goes through the diagnostic phase of start up ,no sound for a few minutes,but it never fails to come alive giving a very warm tone, as I have just aquired a DB750 from Bosshog, it is now surplus, there is also the manuel, any offers near to £200 ,I am sure this is a mechanical problem ie a loose connection giving someone a great amp at a good price .PM for any more info, am away from this Sat to Sat,I think you can still get the tech specs from G&K web site . Rich
  10. Thanks once again Jake .Best Wishes Rich
  11. Thanx For Moving the Post. Rich
  12. I have just ordered an Aguilar DB4x10 so up for sale is my EBS Proline 4x10 4 ohm 800watt cab in good overall condition no tares or scuffs, the cab will be available in about two weeks time, when my new one arrives, £350 paypal if buyer pays fees, would prefer collection, or meet for fuel costs, I am based in Grantham Lincs,could put photos on if nessersary .
  13. Si. Is correct ,tis a USA fmt, super bass very fast neck.
  14. [quote name='bremen' post='196923' date='May 12 2008, 09:26 AM']Richard made a Wizard J pickup arrive on my desk before I did* this morning. Now That's Magic! *'I arrived on my desk', fnarr fnarr, etc... Thanks Chris glad all went well Rich[/quote]
  15. I Aquired this lovelly bass in a recent deal,but I am more than happy with the 73 PBass I bought from Beedster, so it is up for sale,it is a 2005 Fender jass deluxe with gold hardware Badass Bridge fender bridge included only a couple of very miner dings on back edge not visable from the front , comes with Fender shaped case, its got a very wide tonal range flame maple top on an alder body, a great looking and sounding Bass.not looking for a trade except a 62 reissue USA jass would like what I paid a couple of weeks ago that being £700, will get more pics in the week,
  16. Due to P J upgrade Set of 1973 P Bass original pickups for sale £45 inc P&P Sold
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  18. Replacing my P J Bass pickups so up for sale a Wizard overwound Jass Bridge pickup, a bit used but works fine, looks 8/10 £25 inc P&P
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  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. Hi Murph, Traded it for a usa jass deluxe and £s with a nice guy in Cardif Rich
  22. Hi Chris Sorry to read about the sh-t you are getting,I am a great believer in if you say yes you mean yes,i have sold a few basses on this site and have had wasters pm me , But the people who have bought have all been very positive,i did not know you were selling the fretless when i came to see you, or it certainly would now be in Grantham at 225 a steal,if you have not sold it and you get antwhere near, give me a call, don't forget to put the bass in the car.cheers to a super guy Best Wishes Rich
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