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  1. Hi Everyone I have a G&K 200RB head whitch some times does not emit any sound even though the start up lights do the usual red to green sequence tried new speaker and bass leads , when it does fire up it seems to struggle for a few seconds then all is well, once it is working it does not show any unusual symptoms, any ideas Regards Rich
  2. [quote name='barks' post='160959' date='Mar 20 2008, 05:25 PM']I wondered what had happened to this one. Will it be making an appearance at the Bass Bash coming up? Neil.[/quote] Hi Niel Sorry was coming down ,but we have a rare sunday afternoon gig,starts 1530 so not going to make it Rich
  3. [quote name='geoffbassist' post='159470' date='Mar 18 2008, 11:02 AM']hi guys, im selling my thunderfunk tfb550 .......i bought it from gwilym in may 07 . Its been in a rack and is in amazing condition. I also have the manual. Asking £450.00 delivered.... Im based in leeds if anyone wants to come and try it............. its an amazing amp, i really love the timbre control. cheers Geoff[/quote] Hi Geof Is this the latest model with the switch ,
  4. [quote name='silverfoxnik' post='159280' date='Mar 17 2008, 10:39 PM']I have one of these of a similar age but in Shoreline Gold and it's a fantastic bass.. Lovely vintage tones but with much more tonal flexibility than most passive basses.. Yours looks immaculate and in that condition, it is as you say a bit of a rarity - especially now that the 5 strings models are no longer made! Good luck with the sale and have a free bump![/quote] Thank you kind Sir
  5. This is a very rare Roscoe Beck 5 string in Beautiful Teal Green with matching headstock cica 97/98 in excellant condition complete with Fender Tweed case,these basses are getting very hard to find, it has a pau ferro board super maple neck no fret wear no dings only 10 years of careful playing, I will except PayPal and ship anywhere both at buyers expense, please no trades ,so don't ask the price for this fantastic 5 string is £1200 PM for any more info. Rich Now £1100 reduced to £1050 or trade for a nice Ampeg/valve/or SVT 4 sensible cash offers please
  6. Hi Alan Whats the current status of the preamp
  7. richardd

    mr couger

    Mr Couger This is the third deal we we have concluded, if he says it's a deal then it is,a really nice guy,Thanks once again Jim
  8. [quote name='birdy' post='150308' date='Mar 3 2008, 01:30 PM']Dont worry Rich, we both know its worth the cash and I was happy to take it as part of our deal on the basis that it would sell easier than my Sadowsky as it was a cheaper bass. I also knew beforehand an approximate worth, I think everyone is just skint :-( Steve[/quote] Hi Steve Thanks for the kind words, The Valenti really is a super Bass,Maybe If my finances stay good I might even have it back,see you at the BassBash and we can take it from there Rich
  9. Starting to feel a little guilty here Steve.
  10. I am sure all will be revealed when the deal is done.
  11. [quote name='funkmunky' post='149835' date='Mar 2 2008, 02:07 PM']Again, this is a fantastic bass, everything that Sadowskys are known and loved for. Perfect weight, balance and sound.[/quote] Thanx Steve
  12. [quote name='martthebass' post='149889' date='Mar 2 2008, 04:42 PM']Sorry Jimmy, but I think you gave it away when you drooled all over it last time you were down there [/quote] Spot on Martin. It's gone,to the Steel Baron from Scunny.
  13. [quote name='Mike' post='149467' date='Mar 1 2008, 03:07 PM']Oh God - stunning. I would love to own this. However, my Shuker 4 is my one and only active jazz - good luck with the sale. Any idea on price?[/quote] Hi Mike I will post the price next week if not sold to Mr Couger, by the way did you sell the Sting P Bass Regards Rich
  14. Okay, answer to question one, Birrdy signed a piece of loo roll ,ref Mike. question two in my case Steve this is it 2 weeks, fingers crossed. we are Bass player as you know, it's whats expected
  15. This Amazing NYC Sadowsky Bass in mint condition maybe up for sale at the end of the week. if not sold before,PM me if you are seriously interested, no trades. Please nobody asking what I like on my fries, check the link below for pics and specs [url="http://www.sadowsky.com/stock/view/3948.html"]http://www.sadowsky.com/stock/view/3948.html[/url]T
  16. [quote name='leprechaun' post='148735' date='Feb 29 2008, 12:44 AM']Bump![/quote] There is a distinct shortage of cash at the moment around here!
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