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  1. All my nerves relate to logistics and transport. Double checking gear, route, parking, load in, times etc. This has led to a very small, simple rig. Less to carry when there's no parking closer by and less to break at the worst possible moment.
  2. In my view this is a great situation/solution. Do the gig with people who are available. I would love for this to have been the case in some of my previous bands. Gives the audience more variety as they'll hear different arrangements too. Edit for spelling
  3. That's what I've done in the past too. Simple and free.
  4. Effects. I don't really need them for my current band but..... Oh and things to make gigging easier - light cabinets, gig bags, amp stands etc
  5. I've been exclusively playing a 4 string in standard tuning for ages after moving from a 5 string. The bass has an Xtender on it but I haven't used it for years. Last week I was writing with the guitarist in our band and we realised we needed to move to drop d. Having the xtender is going to be so useful at gigs for this one song. Edit. Wow, what a thread revival!
  6. A reasonably priced pedal with 3 or 4 band eq, clean blend, output level, a drive/distortion that goes from light drive to heavy distortion and a built in tuner. Why oh why do most pedals only have 2 band eq when everyone knows the mids are crucial!
  7. Love this. Great stuff.
  8. I use something like this for a little lift and a little tilt. Folds down into a smallish shape too. And I put a micro amp head on top no bother. Not sure if it's just in my head but it does seem to help with hearing myself on a loud stage. https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/speaker-stand/konig-meyer-28130-amplifier-and-monitor-stand?gclid=CjwKCAjw9dboBRBUEiwA7VrrzVyt0395iCw6ZINHSvBS2I-ZFzWfR20LvIZ9NWp0X2DiBNmFgN7GXRoCmE4QAvD_BwE
  9. Have a bump from me. I had one and loved it.
  10. Lizzo last night at the O2 Ritz in Manchester. What a voice! What charisma!
  11. Could agree more with this point. I'd love to play through a huge all valve head but honestly the logistics would ruin the experience of playing music for me. Ymmv of course.
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