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  1. Yeah - I think they are underrated...better than all but the very best fenders probably... and probably equal to those too....
  2. Great thanks for the answers...if they are close to the Moons then they must be great - the one you sold me is incredible.
  3. Do they have that very clean clear Yamaha sound or are they basically a Jazz - close your eyes and it could be fender sort of sound...? Hope you don't mind the questions...
  4. Hi Jay, How do these compare to the Moon basses of the 80s would you say...?
  5. Is this book still doing the rounds...wouldn't mind a read if anyone has it...?
  6. Hi if you still have it I could use it for sure
  7. Hi mate - are you still looking for a bassist?
  8. It is a Countryman 4 string elec/acoustic Very nice guitar - just only has 4 strings.... Never gigged and the catalogue picture looks like this SPEC is... Top: Spruce Back: Mahogany Sides: Mahogany Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Rosewood Hardware: Chrome
  9. Ah ok thanks - how is the B on the acoustic and might you be interested in a trade for a 4 string acoustic bass...?
  10. Are you going to be selling the sadowsky mv5 or the dingwall 5 string given the 5 string aversion ...or is more 5 string acoustics that feel weird to play etc?
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