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  1. Hi mate - are you still looking for a bassist?
  2. It is a Countryman 4 string elec/acoustic Very nice guitar - just only has 4 strings.... Never gigged and the catalogue picture looks like this SPEC is... Top: Spruce Back: Mahogany Sides: Mahogany Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Rosewood Hardware: Chrome
  3. Ah ok thanks - how is the B on the acoustic and might you be interested in a trade for a 4 string acoustic bass...?
  4. Are you going to be selling the sadowsky mv5 or the dingwall 5 string given the 5 string aversion ...or is more 5 string acoustics that feel weird to play etc?
  5. Hi - what is the string spacing and how is the low B...?
  6. Does the maple body sound much different to the ash one in your opinion/experience...?
  7. Yeah I thought you might buy another one... does it sound a lot different with the different neck...?
  8. I liked it - if I had the cash now I'd have it off you
  9. Is that the one I tried at your house dude?
  10. Thanks Marc, there is one on here (for more than yours) which has been refinished and which is ash apparently but I think that is less usual than whatever the other woods they used were...but I may be wrong...its hard to tell from looking at the neck pocket but that might be the only way to tell short of stripping the finish etc...
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