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Ernie ball Bass String..... Free!!!

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A Free Ernie Ball 130 Gauge Bass string, brand new string, I recently Brought a Second hand 4 string Fender precision 

which came with a brand new set of strings for a 5 string Bass!! so not required here!! 



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On 14/01/2021 at 14:24, Deepbass said:

Hi if you still have it I could use it for sure :)


Gone i'm afraid mate 

On 14/01/2021 at 14:24, Deepbass said:

Hi if you still have it I could use it for sure :)


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    • By CalDeep
      Hey dudes. 

      A couple weeks ago I was asking what people would like to see in a string comparison video. Well here it is! 
      I've compared Stainless Steel to Nickel, Hex Core to Round core and Diamond to Platinum (Newtone only) 
      I'd love to know what you think now it's all done. 

      I'm pretty new to the youtube stuff so I'd love any feedback. I hope this is helpful for some people, and will save you buying a million sets of strings to help you find what you like. 
    • By CalDeep
      Hia dudes! 
      I'm making some demo videos for Newtone Strings and was curious as to what people look for when looking for strings.
      Would you like to hear a mix of styles? Or a specific style for a specific string set? 
      Do you want to hear the strings in context of a mix, or just in their own? Would you like to hear them with a pick and drive as well as clean and fingerstyle? 
      Any feedback or suggestions would be massively appreciated! 
      Stay safe dudes!  
    • By d_g
      Selling a set of Hofner Contemporary bass strings, perfect flats for a Beatle style bass. Almost new - Had these briefly on my Hofner Club Bass so they are already trimmed to that length (with a bit to spare).
      £15 posted in the UK.
      £12 picked up in Chessington, Surrey.

    • By chyc
      I seek the collective wisdom of the bass-hive mind. On my upright is an 11 year old set of Pirastro Obligatos. I cannot remember what it sounded like 11 years ago and Obligatos are famed for being warm with less definition and my ears are surely degraded in that time, but I swear it's far deader and woolly now than when new.
      Trouble is bass strings are a not insignificant chunk of change now and I'm not one for wasting strings that can be restored. On my electric one very nice trick I've used successfully is the detune and slap technique. This fairly obviously cannot be done on my upright so does anyone have any tips for bringing a bit of life into strings, particularly Obligatos?
      Failing that, what's the general feel for arco and pizz strings these days? I totally get it's personal, but it's been 11 years since I last looked and there are brands I've never heard of now and I don't know where to start! At the time I really liked the sound of Spirocore when plucked, but the scratch when bowed put me off. Is there a proper hybrid on the market now?
    • By Jon Thorne
      Super Flexible Solo Gauge Thomastik Rope Core Chrome Wound 
      Put on my bass once for a day but my bass didn’t suit the lighter tension at orchestral pitch, then carefully removed so condition is as new.
      As used by Thomas Morgan.
      Posted to be signed for from the Isle Of Wight.
      All the best

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