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    Swr sm500 Problems!

    Well Bassbod! I thought I’d check the 2 speakon cables that I have first, n like you mentioned! And bingo! 1 of them was faulty n giving me the problems that I had at my last gig, so not as bad as I was thinking, a new cable will sort that problem out, many thanks for the help, I also cleaned all the Jack inputs etc too as I hadn’t done that for a while, so all good here 👍
  2. AKA

    Swr sm500 Problems!

    Ok I will try that, I’ve got some switch cleaner kicking about, I did try a few leads and also going direct into the amp n not via my Di box that I generally plug into, but was all the same so I’m thinking amp or speaker really, thanks I’ll let you know how it goes 👍
  3. Hi everyone, Having an issue with my swr sm 500 bass amp or possibly my speaker cab, I noticed as I was setting up my gear for a gig last Friday evening the speaker cab, which is an swr 4 x 10 Goliath 3 cab, started to fart and splutter a bit when I played my Bass. At first I thought it may be the central tweeter on the speaker cab, but after 5 mins it cleared and seemed ok again, I turned my amp off to finish setting up, then turned it on again and the same thing happened, i’m glad to say that it was ok for the gig and I didn’t notice any distortion or spluttering coming from the cab. I’m thinking maybe an amp problem, possibly a valve, the amp has a preamp valve in it, would a dodgy valve cause this sort of problem? Or maybe something more serious in the amp or even maybe the central tweeter on the cab? Anyone else experienced similar? Thanks in advance! Drew.
  4. Just seen on the Pic that it is in deed a 350 watt amp! I’m very interested n would like to come n have a look n have a play through it! Andy
  5. Hi, I’m based in N, Devon, so this is a 350 watt amp yeah?
  6. I’m playing through 1 of these now n love the sound it produces!
  7. where are you based mate? i could be interested!
  8. how does this stuff compare to swr? do you know? my swr rig is similar to yours pictured, which i'm happy with, but, you know what we are all like, always on the lookout for another, better sounding rig!!!
  9. AKA


    i'll have it if you can find it, i'm not far in devon
  10. is this cab still available mate? i got a mate in cardiff n can get it picked up as soon as.. love the look of it!!
  11. i'll take this off you mate. i'll pm you.
  12. AKA


    nice combo!, i would buy it if you were closer, but i'm down in devon!!! i've had a bad experience with courier services in the past, (brought a speaker cab had it couriered down and turned up with a broken speaker)!!!
  13. i could do with these but Devon is a bit to far away from you!
  14. not used flats before, always rounds, what sort of music would rounds be good for? any advantages with flats compared to roundwound?
  15. AKA


    Thanks again for all the advice, there's loads there that we haven't thought about but are now are trying to sort out. looking forward to getting into the studio soon to record some stuff, not done it before so not sure what to expect!!! should be fun!
  16. AKA


    thanks Musky, prob not worth the risk i feel, its looking like its gonna be down the CDR route with about 6 of our own tunes and 2 covers, so will look into doing the necessary things to make sure there's no come backs. Gotta also thank oliverblackman who posted earlier about protecting our own tunes, not put much thought into that 1 will defo be sorting that 1 out!!!
  17. AKA


    Big thanks guys, great bit of info for us there, food for thought as they say. cheers Aka
  18. AKA


    we had thought about giving them out free at first as it was only gonna be a EP single cd, but we are thinking now of a 7 or 8 track cd and selling it to cover our costs.
  19. We're Looking to go into our studio soon to record a few songs of our own material onto a cd to sell at our gigs, local muso shops etc, we are also thinking of putting a cover song or 2 on the cd that we play out live, i was wondering whats involved with getting the necessary permission to do this, anybody had any dealing with this sort of thing? looking for a bit of advice or info of what people with need to speak to. Aka.
  20. Deal done, nice doing business and speaking with you kevin, great sounding stomp box this, very happy. Thanks fenderhead i'll get in contact with dunlop.
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