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  1. A Free Ernie Ball 130 Gauge Bass string, brand new string, I recently Brought a Second hand 4 string Fender precision which came with a brand new set of strings for a 5 string Bass!! so not required here!! IMG_3894.HEIC
  2. Hi Bob, I sent you a pm a couple days ago, have you seen that? Andy.
  3. Hi Bob, I sent you a pm a couple days ago, have you seen that? Andy.
  4. Would you consider sending via a courier at my expense?
  5. Hi, i'm interested!! You say this is a performer series precision yeah? not a player series? difficult to tell from the pic's!!!
  6. would love this but i'm situated in Devon!!
  7. i'm Looking for a 250 watt amp head to go with a EBS 2 x 10 cab that i have, Thanks though!
  8. Would you be happy to post to Devon at my expense?!! Or maybe meet up if possible, maybe but difficult at the moment though!!!
  9. Would you be happy to post to Devon at my expense?!!
  10. Is this still for sale please? I’m based in Devon.
  11. I have one of these and these are awesome cabs, love mine, beautiful toneage out of them!! Really good price too this, Bargin!! Good luck.
  12. Well Bassbod! I thought I’d check the 2 speakon cables that I have first, n like you mentioned! And bingo! 1 of them was faulty n giving me the problems that I had at my last gig, so not as bad as I was thinking, a new cable will sort that problem out, many thanks for the help, I also cleaned all the Jack inputs etc too as I hadn’t done that for a while, so all good here 👍
  13. Ok I will try that, I’ve got some switch cleaner kicking about, I did try a few leads and also going direct into the amp n not via my Di box that I generally plug into, but was all the same so I’m thinking amp or speaker really, thanks I’ll let you know how it goes 👍
  14. Hi everyone, Having an issue with my swr sm 500 bass amp or possibly my speaker cab, I noticed as I was setting up my gear for a gig last Friday evening the speaker cab, which is an swr 4 x 10 Goliath 3 cab, started to fart and splutter a bit when I played my Bass. At first I thought it may be the central tweeter on the speaker cab, but after 5 mins it cleared and seemed ok again, I turned my amp off to finish setting up, then turned it on again and the same thing happened, i’m glad to say that it was ok for the gig and I didn’t notice any distortion or spluttering coming from the cab. I’m thinking maybe an amp problem, possibly a valve, the amp has a preamp valve in it, would a dodgy valve cause this sort of problem? Or maybe something more serious in the amp or even maybe the central tweeter on the cab? Anyone else experienced similar? Thanks in advance! Drew.
  15. Just seen on the Pic that it is in deed a 350 watt amp! I’m very interested n would like to come n have a look n have a play through it! Andy
  16. Hi, I’m based in N, Devon, so this is a 350 watt amp yeah?
  17. I’m playing through 1 of these now n love the sound it produces!
  18. where are you based mate? i could be interested!
  19. how does this stuff compare to swr? do you know? my swr rig is similar to yours pictured, which i'm happy with, but, you know what we are all like, always on the lookout for another, better sounding rig!!!
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