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  1. PlasmaZombies


    She's definitely 'vintage' not sure about good for metal though!
  2. PlasmaZombies


    Haha! 🤣 Yes i have been known to buy and sell a lot just to try out new gear...My gf tells me I would sell my granny! PZ
  3. PlasmaZombies


    These look absolutely fantastic!
  4. PlasmaZombies


    I know...talk about being late to the party!? I'll have to make up for lost time. Thanks for the welcome everyone
  5. PlasmaZombies

    Bass that has the "P" cut through but with a slim neck?

    Yeah I found that the Streamer really did cut through the mix, still had that Warwick growl and did the 'P bass' thing well too. I found it sounded great for the project I was in at the time tuned to D standard. I sold the Corvette first as I found the Streamer had the edge in terms of aggressive tone. The Corvette was more refined. Then I ended up selling the Streamer as I found ergonomically I always seemed to tire my left hand out when reaching for first 4 frets, it was as if it sat differently on me and first position seemed farther away not to mention the thicker neck profile, so playing a set with it tired me out. That project ended and I just really fancied having a straight forward p bass so replaced it with a Fender Precision.
  6. PlasmaZombies

    Bass that has the "P" cut through but with a slim neck?

    Have you considered a Warwick Corvette? You mentioned you liked the look of the Streamer LX and the neck. I used to have a 2012 model Corvette and even though it was a JJ configuration. I found i could get it to sound like a precision and it had an active/passive pull switch. I also found the Corvette had a slimmer neck than the Streamer and had both in my arsenal at the same time. The Corvette was a nicer player than the Streamer IMO.
  7. PlasmaZombies


    Thanks guys 🙂 I've preordered the new Fender Duff McKagan Bass in black. Looking forward to its arrival!
  8. PlasmaZombies


    Greetings from Northern Ireland! I have lurked here for a while so decided to sign up and say hello. Been playing bass for 16 years now. Gigged locally in a few bands over the years but it has been a few years since I last gigged so just a bedroom player these days. Current set up is a Fender Precision Bass MIM, EBS Multicomp, EHX Big Muff Green Russian, Darkglass B7K V2 and a modest Ashdown combo which I'm looking to upgrade...suggestions welcome! Also have a new bass ordered which should be arriving next month. 😉