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  1. That is the worst looking bass I've ever laid eyes upon. It's like when boy racers keep adding ridiculous things to their cars.
  2. Spotted these models a few weeks back on the internet. I'm a big fan of Precisions and PJ's in general and I think the Surveyor 87's look sweet even if they're supposedly heavy. Wish LTD would revamp the Vintage 204 line..
  3. Absolutely amazing looking bass! 😍 It's a pity I don't have the spare cash! Have a free bump on me.
  4. I had only 1 purchase in 2020 - a Squier Classic Vibe 60's Precision Bass. Sadly i sent it back as the paintwork was so poor on it.
  5. Interested in picking up one of these to play about on. Do you reckon the matte finish will go shiny with play wear? Stunning looking basses for the price!
  6. Used to use a pedal tuner but these days I prefer a clip on tuner. Fender Precision > Compressor > Preamp > Ampeg 😀
  7. For me it's either because I haven't got on with a piece of gear, selling to have funds for something new or simply downsizing. I currently have 1 bass and I am very happy with it!
  8. Agreed. Or worse still.. "Mint condition, not a scratch on it", then proceeds to put up photographs of the bass planted on gravel / concrete whilst precariously leaning against a brick wall. 🙄
  9. Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm Stiff, purple and feels just right. Sorry, I'll get my coat..
  10. Agreed! I'm just not a fan of their headstock design, though they seem to suit their Jazz style basses better than their P style basses. On paper though, the P7 ticks a lot of boxes for me. If I could try one before I buy maybe i could overlook the headstock, unlikely though!
  11. For me it's the headstock shape. It's the only thing stopping me from trying out a Sire..
  12. I bought one of the Classic Vibe's recently. Was very disappointed with build quality. Yes I know it is a Squier (I do have a higher end Fender) but the reviews I watched lead me to believe that the build quality was decent for the price point. The neck pocket wasn't great and some paint had been transferred from the neck pocket to the neck..as if it had been painted and neck bolted on in a rush before it was dry. Currently waiting on a refund from the retailer. I would say try before you buy and don't buy sight unseen.
  13. Currently just have one - a Fender PJ. Have only had 1 bass for the last 3 years after selling off the other 4. Though I do fancy adding another bass now for no other reason than gas.
  14. I always wipe down my basses after playing just to keep them sweat free. I'm only a hobby player these days so it's not like my basses ever get a tough workout but I like to try look after them.
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