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  1. I don't use a pick often as 95% of time I use fingers, but when needed for bass or indeed 6 string guitar I swear by Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm - the purple ones. Rigid, grippy and loads of control.
  2. Lovely looking bass! If I hadn't already ordered and paid for a brand new PJ I'd be seriously considering this! GLWTS.
  3. Fantastic looking man! I would love a build done by him.
  4. Absolute steal at £675 for a bass of this calibre. If I didn't have a new bass ordered and paid for on the way i'd certainly be interested in this! GLWTS
  5. She's definitely 'vintage' not sure about good for metal though!
  6. Haha! 🤣 Yes i have been known to buy and sell a lot just to try out new gear...My gf tells me I would sell my granny! PZ
  7. These look absolutely fantastic!
  8. I know...talk about being late to the party!? I'll have to make up for lost time. Thanks for the welcome everyone
  9. Yeah I found that the Streamer really did cut through the mix, still had that Warwick growl and did the 'P bass' thing well too. I found it sounded great for the project I was in at the time tuned to D standard. I sold the Corvette first as I found the Streamer had the edge in terms of aggressive tone. The Corvette was more refined. Then I ended up selling the Streamer as I found ergonomically I always seemed to tire my left hand out when reaching for first 4 frets, it was as if it sat differently on me and first position seemed farther away not to mention the thicker neck profile, so playing a set with it tired me out. That project ended and I just really fancied having a straight forward p bass so replaced it with a Fender Precision.
  10. Have you considered a Warwick Corvette? You mentioned you liked the look of the Streamer LX and the neck. I used to have a 2012 model Corvette and even though it was a JJ configuration. I found i could get it to sound like a precision and it had an active/passive pull switch. I also found the Corvette had a slimmer neck than the Streamer and had both in my arsenal at the same time. The Corvette was a nicer player than the Streamer IMO.
  11. Thanks guys 🙂 I've preordered the new Fender Duff McKagan Bass in black. Looking forward to its arrival!
  12. PlasmaZombies


    Greetings from Northern Ireland! I have lurked here for a while so decided to sign up and say hello. Been playing bass for 16 years now. Gigged locally in a few bands over the years but it has been a few years since I last gigged so just a bedroom player these days. Current set up is a Fender Precision Bass MIM, EBS Multicomp, EHX Big Muff Green Russian, Darkglass B7K V2 and a modest Ashdown combo which I'm looking to upgrade...suggestions welcome! Also have a new bass ordered which should be arriving next month. 😉
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