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  1. I really much prefer the first one..could we call it the pre-lawsuit era D-bird? 😁
  2. I bought one of the Ibanez SR300's in the weathered black finish back in 2015 from Thomann when they were first released. After a couple of days of very light playing the matt finish started getting shiny as would be expected around the pickups. I didn't keep it long enough to know if the paint comes off like the SR500's. In my opinion I'd imagine it will be as fragile. Still though, great sounding basses! Enjoy it!
  3. Correct fretmeister. I purchased a Duff signature bass and can confirm it's 41.2mm nut. Definitely not jazz bass 38mm.
  4. Yes I am wondering this myself but I suppose it's modelled on Duff' s Jazz Bass Special from the 80's. But to me it's a Precision bass no doubt! 🤣
  5. Thanks guys! I'm very happy with it! A slight action adjustment required for me and I'll check intonation at the same time. It's a pity that the Hipshot wasn't fine tuned already for me but won't take much to do that when I have some more time tomorrow. Another thing I will add is that it feels heavy! Haven't anything to measure weight but as heavy as an old Warwick Streamer i had. Weight doesnt bother me though.
  6. Good evening all. After a long wait this finally showed up today. A brand new Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass Special Duff McKagan signature bass in black! I've only had an hour or so play time but first impressions are it's bloody gorgeous! Out of the box it plays well but I will probably lower the action to my personal preference and the Hipshot D-tuner needs some adjustment. Neck pocket is tight with no visible gap, paintwork is flawless on both the body and back of the neck. Fretwork is superb with no sharp ends. The nut width is definitely P Bass width 42mm and the thickness of the neck front to back feels deeper than my (now sold) 2017 MIM P Bass. Soundwise, loving the pickup switch and TBX tone circuit. It seems very versatile and just has so much grunt when you push the tone past the centre detent and engage the TBX circuit. With my EBS Multicomp and Darkglass B7K V2 it's all I need to give me the bass sound that I had in my head for so long! The only downside is that whilst everything is black...the side input jack is chrome..but that's just nitpicking. So if you're still reading..here are a couple of pictures.
  7. I have a Duff McKagan bass on order which should be with me in the next week or so. I personally prefer everything about a precision body shape and neck and as was mentioned above it'll have a Seymour Duncan hot stack in the bridge. Will post pics and impressions as soon as I get it and have had a little bit of time on it, if that helps!
  8. I don't use a pick often as 95% of time I use fingers, but when needed for bass or indeed 6 string guitar I swear by Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm - the purple ones. Rigid, grippy and loads of control.
  9. Lovely looking bass! If I hadn't already ordered and paid for a brand new PJ I'd be seriously considering this! GLWTS.
  10. Fantastic looking man! I would love a build done by him.
  11. Absolute steal at £675 for a bass of this calibre. If I didn't have a new bass ordered and paid for on the way i'd certainly be interested in this! GLWTS
  12. She's definitely 'vintage' not sure about good for metal though!
  13. Haha! 🤣 Yes i have been known to buy and sell a lot just to try out new gear...My gf tells me I would sell my granny! PZ
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