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  1. Glad it worked out, good luck with your new band.
  2. Thats annoying and sorry to hear it. As above it sounds like you were plan B unfortunately, I'd move on but let them know that it's a [email protected] way to be treated. Up to you if you bother to remain 'friends' but as Carl seems to have left his previous band "under a dark cloud" the same might happen with Dave and friends. Depends if this is a bridge you want to burn.
  3. Practice more, learn chord modes, find a good drummer to join my duo to form a gigging trio.
  4. Yes, good to hear, keep playing!
  5. I still think you shouldn't do the gig especially after how they've treated you, taking back their gear and just expecting you to play. The drummer sounds like an idiot, as above the rythum section should be close and he is clearly a nob. Just move on, leave them to it and find a better band next year.
  6. Sorry to hear that, I think you're right not to do the gig, I wouldn't. They asked you to leave so it's up to them to find a replacement.
  7. @Mottlefeeder, many thanks, that's a good read, I like your mk1 with a 10inch speaker and your cabs look good! This is food for thought for me as 7kg using 9mm ply would put the cab weight where I'd like to be. Have spent a long time lugging heavy kit around.
  8. Fair enough, I can work to the original design. Are there any pointers on speaker supplier or model and amp out there?
  9. Thanks for the input all, I've done some further reading and Phil's easy-build cab would work for what I need. I have some questions as a beginner to this, I've always used combos: How important are the ports? Can they be reduced in size or only one used to save height on the cab. Can someone point me to a good supplier where I could buy a good quality 12 speaker for this build? Are there any pointers to specs for a head for a 12 inch cab?
  10. Thanks for the input all, I've watched the video and read the 12inch cab build thread. That's the kind of thing I'm after only smaller, l'd go for 10mm ply etc to save weight. Around the 10kg mark would be good, so easily carried in one hand. Construction isn't a problem for me but I'm totally new to self built cabs, is there any guidance on speakers and drives out there?
  11. Interesting, thanks for the input, just seem a build thread on here that I'm reading through. Still want to do this....
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