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  1. 8.4 lbs (3.8kg) on my rough-estimate kitchen scale.
  2. After a 7 month wait I received my beautiful custom built TM4 yesterday and I am absolutely in love with it! It's awesome in so many ways. Thanks to everyone on the board for answering all of my questions when I was getting ready to place my order. ❤️
  3. A wonderful tone for prog or funk or jazz and I know some metal players like it as well. Check out this video. It’s a fanned fret version but I think it sounds just like the one I had. Of course I can’t play like this guy.
  4. I had a dual-humbucker Mayones Viking for a while. I ended up selling it because the tone didn't fit the genres I'm currently playing (alt-rock and punk) but I must agree with an earlier poster. The craftsmanship was just impeccable. A truly gorgeous piece of work and a dream to play on. Fast, thin, smooth neck... super comfortable.
  5. I bought a new red Kubicki X-Factor in 1991 for $1200. Traded it for $500 credit towards a Japanese Fender Jazz reissue around 1999. The Kubicki tone was not versatile enough (didn't cut through nearly the way the Fenders did) plus the look didn't suit me and I wanted to move to a more classic vibe. I still play that Jazz regularly... it's a fabulous instrument that I'll be buried with... but I should have paid cash and not traded the Kubicki. They sell for $3000 now and it would be fun to have that sound back sometimes for things like new wave covers. Oh well!!
  6. Curious... I hear about people removing the preamp from their instrument. Do you gain anything by doing that? Does it sound any different than "passive mode" would with the preamp left installed? Or is it just that you prefer the simplicity of not accidentally using the preamp since you never do anyway?
  7. Sweet!! How are you finding it compares to other P-Basses you've played?
  8. I live down the road! If I had any interest in 5 strings I’d be tempted to take a look! I’ve never heard of these.
  9. Yeah, one would think! I ordered through Music Store Live and only saw it listed as a "custom order" on their invoice. Didn't include all of the details but they've been very accommodating. I'll ask the rep there and let you know what I hear back.
  10. Does anyone know what the body wood is these days for a gloss finish TM4? I placed a custom order a couple of months ago and didn't specify a wood type. I figure they know what they're doing and it's all good but I wonder what it'll be? Ash perhaps? Also wondering if anyone out there has a TM with the 3-band EQ (not the Grand Dark) rather than the standard 2-band with the Delanos? I ordered mine with the 3-band because I want the mid control but haven't seen any out there with it.
  11. Great info, thanks! Might you have any audio or video demonstrating the Black Label tone you get? I already played an order for a TM4 with Delanos but am considering upgrading to the Black Labels.
  12. Yeah I was considering a custom order.... but not sure if it's worth it or not and wanted to know if it would affect the appearance or tone significantly.
  13. Has anyone got a TM4 (or VM4) with the 3-band EQ? Any thoughts on whether it's worth the extra cost? I know that's all a matter of perspective to some degree. Does it add an extra knob or does one of the 4 knobs become stacked?
  14. Any thoughts on differences between them? They have a similar pickup configuration...
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