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  1. You can - the four EQ bands are all parametric, and it's properly flat up to at least 20kHz when everything's zeroed. I bought an RH750 second-hand a few years ago, and I've used it for all sorts of things, both as an amp and as a preamp into PA or for recording. The EQ and tuner work well on acoustic guitar and mandola as well as bass, and you can set it up with presets for different instruments if you're switching between them. In addition to the treble shelving, the "Tweetertone" control is a gentler treble rolloff (about 12dB/octave above 2kHz).
  2. If you haven't discovered it yet, the Grateful Dead allow noncommercial trading of live recordings of the band - you can find most of their live performances on archive.org (streaming or MP3 download) or etree.org (BitTorrent, lossless). The band's YouTube channel has quite a few full concert videos too. I'd second the recommendation of the 1990-03-29 show with Branford Marsalis above as a particularly good one for jamming, but all the Spring 1990 shows are worth checking out - the mid-1989 to mid-1990 shows are probably my favourite era for the band live, with Brent on keyboards, some fun experimentation with MIDI, and the whole band generally playing well. The 1989-10-09 "Formerly the Warlocks" show is another favourite of mine. For an early show, try 1968-02-14 which Phil Lesh recommends in his book - some lovely work by Pigpen in this one. Going even earlier, 1966-12-01 is also great. In terms of studio albums, I'd start with American Beauty and Workingman's Dead (both 1970). As live albums go, there are lots to pick from - Sunshine Daydream (1972) is great, and the accompanying film gives a good idea of what being at the concert was like; The Grateful Dead Movie captures them in their 1974 Wall of Sound configuration.
  3. Here's what my settings look like, connnected to a server in London: Try turning off Auto Jitter Buffer and adjusting the sizes down until you're happy with the audio quality - it'll depend on how much jitter (variation in latency) there is between you and the server.
  4. Lovely! When I was getting into jazz originally, my bass teacher gave me NHØP's "Those Who Were" to listen to - still one of my favourite albums.
  5. atsampson

    Oldman Feedback

    Bought a camera from Brian - great communication, shipped next day, packed carefully. Thanks very much!
  6. Perhaps it's intended for large touring bands to store all their spare drivers in safely? 🙂
  7. Bought Shaun's TC Drip pedal - it arrived very carefully packed in as-new condition. Thanks very much!
  8. I've just bought a guitar strap from Paul - it arrived next working day, carefully packaged and in great condition. My guitar now looks at least 73% cooler. Thanks very much!
  9. Counting Crows' "Mr Jones", after Marty Jones (bassist in The Himalayans, Adam Duritz's previous band).
  10. Rotosound's YouTube channel (near the bottom of the page) has a bunch of short videos with Mo Foster playing various different types of strings on his Precision. Those might be of use to you as a rough comparison - see which you like the sound of best?
  11. Them and a hundred other bands - it's the trad tune Frieze Breeches. It's in O'Neill's Music of Ireland from 1903 and lots of other collections. Sounds great on the new bouzouki!
  12. Do you do single strings? I could use a spare Energy 45... (And will probably buy a couple more sets of those - still very happy with those I got last time.)
  13. Greatbear in Bristol are another company that do transfers like this - their web site has lots of info about (and pictures of) the formats they can handle: https://thegreatbear.net/
  14. I've got both the sets of headphones mentioned above - 80 ohm DT770 Pro (bought 2017), and ATH-M50X (bought 2014). I have trouble finding headphones that are comfortable for me when I'm wearing them several hours a day, and both of these fit my head well, so if you're in the same boat and you like one then you'll probably like the other. I prefer the sound of the ATs for music - I'd agree with your comment about the Beyers sounding a bit bass-light in comparison. The folding/swivel mechanism on the ATs has survived 6 years of heavy use for me without problems, and being able to switch between long/short/curly cables (or no cable, just using them to cut down ambient sound a bit) is really handy. On the other hand, after 6 years the plastic leather on the earpads and headband of the ATs is flaking off messily, and they don't seal as well as they used to. I'd expect the Beyer design to be a bit longer-lived in this regard - but both manufacturers sell replacement bits too.
  15. For PA setup, Tower of Power's "Direct Plus" album.
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