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  1. We had a couple request "The Wedding Song" as their first dance, which is definitely in this category (in this case they wanted the Matthew Mole song, not Peter Paul and Mary or any of the seemingly dozens of others). @Stylon Pilson - "Brenda Stubbert's" is on Ashley McIsaac's album "Hi How Are You", and "Ashley McIsaac's" is on Brenda Stubbert's album "In Jig Time".
  2. Nice. I do like these kinds of designs - sort of elegantly brutal!
  3. Just watched the bass episode - excellent stuff. I'm impressed by how much variety they managed to pack into an hour. I really wasn't expecting them to cover OctaMED pitchbend commands, but as someone who spent a lot of the 90s writing tracker music on Amigas I very much approve :-)
  4. I quite like the shape of that blue bass - not my colour, though! So where in Japan are these made? Do Aria have their own factory, or are they contracting to someone else?
  5. Mo Foster, "Leo" and "Waves II" - both from "Time To Think", recorded in an old church. Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, "The Puzzle" - nice dry, articulate acoustic bass.
  6. "Feed The Band?" is on our booker's checklist. I've never had a gig that was memorable for how much we got paid (sadly) but several that have been memorable for how good the food was! Echoing @magee's comment above, one of these was in a small town just outside Glasgow where catering was done by the local chip shop - who appeared at half time with a six-foot-high stack of pizza boxes containing apparently infinite quantities of everything that it's humanly possible to deep-fry...
  7. We're a six-piece ceilidh band playing around the Aberdeen-Glasgow-Edinburgh triangle, so we're probably playing some of the same locations as you: lots of hotels, farmyard wedding venues and village halls, and the occasional tent. Two fiddles (one doubling on mandolin/banjo), acoustic guitar, bass, drums and dance caller. 2-3 vocal mics (SM58S), drum mics (SM57), and radio mic for the caller. We have two JBL Eon 612 active main speakers, which I've been very impressed with. No subs - they kick out more than enough bass for the venues we play. They talk Bluetooth so you can tweak their built-in EQ from the dance floor if the presets aren't sufficient (we've only needed this a couple of times). Two Alto TS210 active monitors - I'd love to go IEMs but it'd be a big investment that we can't really justify. The Altos can be used as backups for the mains, and they're also great for "can you set up a mic for the speeches?" situations. Yamaha MG20 mixer - a neat little rackmount analogue mixer with 16 mic preamps plus a few line inputs. Good ergonomics, particularly the well-lit mute buttons. For live recordings, I'd like either channel inserts or a couple more aux sends, but it does a lot in a small space and was remarkably cheap. Orchid DI boxes (some Muting, some Mini) for all the instruments. We have a rack case from Thomann for the mixer (with space underneath for the radio mic receiver, spare strings, headphones, business cards etc. etc.) and another large flight case for all the cables, microphones and DI boxes. And a Homebase sale last year furnished us with several 10m Permaplug 4-way mains extensions in a highly-visible shade of bright green...
  8. Another option: the Røde M2, which is a condenser mic in an SM58-style body with a locking mute switch, currently £68 on Amazon. I've never really got on with the SM58's weird frequency response for my vocals so I bought the M2 to use with the band last year - I've been pretty impressed with it in terms of sound and build quality. (Echoing comments above, I also have an XM8500 in my gig box for emergencies - and I keep the M2 in the nice padded box that came with the XM8500!) Edit: after today's gig, I can also confirm that the M2 works well as an instrument mic for a zheng (Chinese harp).
  9. That looks like a nice instrument! I'd also suggest asking Phil Davidson first - he'll certainly know people looking to buy one of his banjos, and can probably give you some more details about its history too. Failing that, Hobgoblin are also worth talking to for selling folk instruments - I've bought various instruments from them in the past.
  10. Bought a synth from Russ - excellent communication - thanks very much!
  11. So this is kind of the Harley Benton version of the Schecter Model T?
  12. It certainly sounds nice in the video! That's the kind of tone I aim for... What strings are you using on it, @Joe Hubbard Bass?
  13. It's a jazz standard, so a fakebook is your friend here - e.g. on the Jean-Luc Barbier Quartet's very handy site: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
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