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  1. Oh good lord! That looks awesome - good luck with the sale.
  2. I have a few loopers - Boss, Zoom etc but the best one that I have found is the Donner Circle Looper. Good price, intuitive to use and really versatile.
  3. Is this collection only or would you consider sending it through a courier?
  4. I have a TC Electronics BH800 which I bought from a fellow Basschatter some time ago - lovely amp, does everything that I need and sounds awesome. I have just moved house, though, and upon setting up and trying the 3-way pedal switch to move between the stored tone prints the pedal didn't work - it muted but that is all. I tried a new pedal and had the same again. Can anyone help with this - I don't use it very often but it is a niggle that I could do without. Thanks
  5. I read some horror stories on-line which is what prompted my post. I was ok in the end and I hope that you resolve your issue soon. Good luck.
  6. Thanks. Can I ask if you have done any upgrades and if so what have you done?
  7. I am suffering GAS at the moment and keep looking at stingray bass types. I have had a go on the ray 4 / SUB basses (bottom of the range) and they are pretty good for the money. Is the Sterling stingray 24 (next one up) worth the price difference? Not worried about the sculpting, fittings etc - it is the sound difference I am interested in. Thanks in advance
  8. I have a TE Elf which is, usually, a lovely amp but yesterday I set it up and switched on to be welcomed with a monstrous, crackling buzz. I changed everything connected to it - bass, leads, cab and power lead and power socket but still the buzz. I can hear the bass over the buzz so the signal is still getting through. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a quick fix? Can anyone recommend a good repairist close to Cambridge that I can ask to fix it after lockdown? thanks. Carl
  9. Bass arrived in good condition and not as late as I thought it was going to be. I really appreciate all the replies to my post, thank you.
  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback - I will hold-fire for a while then. Fingers crossed......
  11. Update - the bass arrived today in good condition and not as late as I thought it was going to be. Pretty good service considering the pandemic etc. Thanks to everyone that replied Carl I ordered an acoustic bass through Bax Music a while back and I still haven’t heard anything from them and there is nothing from customer services. Turns out that they are in the Netherlands and have no shop in Kent as their website would suggest. I am now reading lots of awful reviews and regretting my choice. Has anyone here had dealings with them? Do orders actually appear or is it a scam? I don’t mind waiting a while as long as I know it is coming. Thanks
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