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Ray34 with major upgrade! - withdrawn
Mid cornwall


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Heavily modified Ray34. I bought this bass new and as standard from Direct Music in Exeter in November 2018. I’ve since fitted a full pocket neck shim and replaced the pickup and pre amp with a Delano hybrid system and sonar 2 pre amp. Info on this system is here https://www.delano.de/hybrid_4/hybrid_4_details.html.

its an excellent system with really good tone options including the obvious Ray and Jazz tones as well as combined  Ray bridge and active Jazz neck tones. The pickups and preamp came from bass direct and cost in excess of £300. The routing for the extra pickup was carried out by me and I’m confident that it has been carried out to a high standard although more similar to Squier Jazz neck pocket routing as the rout is rectangular rather than pickup shaped. Somewhere on here there is a thread of when I was doing it. If I can find it I’ll add a link.

the cavity has been shielded with foil tape.

All original parts to return the bass to standard are also included although one of the pots has been removed from the original pre amp and is in use with the new set up. An spare treble pot for the hybrid system is included too as it’s a Delano special active treble and passive tone. I’ll also include a new stingray pickguard in black that needs the jazz pickup hole cutting out (easy job). The pick guard in the photo is the original to suit the Ray34 pickup rather than the standard stingray shape which the hybrid is modelled on.

difficult to know where to price this but I think the asking price is fair.

Any questions please ask. Collection only from mid Cornwall or I’m happy to drive up to Exeter if that helps.













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Thanks chaps - it’s an awesome bass but just not getting played anymore! Here’s a link to the original mod thread. There are some sound samples in it too (excuse the tasteless slap)🙄


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