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  1. Hi Alcytes - you are absolutely right, my mistake. I will edit the post accordingly. Many thanks for pointing it out.
  2. Hi Rowbee - thanks for the info. Not active though.
  3. Korean made Aria Pro II passive, fretted bass possibly early 1990s. In good condition, PJ set up, lovely to play. Thin neck and very light. Collection only or meet up close to Papworth.
  4. I bought this on a whim but just don't play it - I thought I could use it as a travel bass or something like that but just didn't. Plays well and has a good sound for it's size - 28.6” scale. Collection only or happy to meet up somewhere reasonably close to Papworth.
  5. A lovely bass but I just don't use it enough to warrant keeping it. Ebanol fretboard is hardly marked - I replaced the rounds for flatwounds. Not willing to post but I can meet up at a reasonable distance from Papworth or you can try it out at my place.
  6. Tarnation! Literally just bought one of these new........ nice combo. Good luck with the sale.
  7. I am over near Brundish tomorrow - I don't suppose there is any chance that you are about early afternoon? 2 ish? No problem if not
  8. Carl G

    Feedback for T-Bay

    Just bought a TE 15" cab from Clive. The cab is in great condition and at a great price. Excellent communication, prompt responses and very helpful and friendly. Have no qualms dealing with Clive.
  9. Hi Mick, do you still have the 15" cab?
  10. Thank you everyone for your comments - I am unlikely to be able to try one beforehand but sorely tempted to get one.
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