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  1. Ive been playing my unlined fretless the last few evenings (against physio advice🙄) and I noticed that when playing stood up I use the side dots which are on the fret positions 3,5,7 etc. I have to get into an awkward position to see the face of the fingerboard so don’t think I’d benefit from full lines but maybe side lines at all positions would be useful.
  2. Thanks Paul, that’s helpful. I’ll give it a bit of regular use and see what happens. Did wonder of it was a bit of a gimmick but endorsement from a fellow bass player gives it some credibility 👍
  3. Like this? Never really got the hang of it. Do you use one? How do you get on with it etc?t
  4. Nah, don’t think so. Hoping to have at least another 25 - 30 years playing out of this arm so don’t want to do any permanent damage.
  5. Well I’ve had three visits to the physio and not played bass or guitar for weeks and have been told to lay off for longer - probably end of August. It seems to be improving but we’ll see. Might try the left handed mouse thing. I’m pretty ambidextrous so might take to it ok.
  6. According to the manual it’s a peaking bell curve control set at 5 kHz. I think the one on the HA is a shelving filter affecting all frequencies above a certain value but not sure which. The manual would tell you.
  7. I’d go for this and the Goldo neck from DV. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265683982848 would need tuners, nut, retainer, neck screws and plate but it’s easy enough to do
  8. Apologies if this breaks the rules - I have a QSC RMX850a for sale if that’s of interest. I paid just over £150 for it.
  9. There was no nut, no tuners, and no predrilled fixing holes so it takes a little bit of work but it’s not tricky. there are side dots at 3,5,7, etc note positions (not between fret positions like some)
  10. I put one of these on a loaded squire jazz body I got off eBay. I also added a MM pickup later as well as a Kiogon loom. necks really good. I had a lined fender neck on it originally but I wanted the challenge of going unlined and I didn’t need like the look of the fender fingerboard. https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Goeldo-NJFLF-Fretless-Neck-for-4-String-Jazz-Bass-Rosewood-/art-GIT0009714-000
  11. Never made it far enough to find out what all the fuss was about. It’s only bass amps after all........🙂
  12. Wow. I was starting to get a bit Mark Bass curious but watching this has turned me right off🤣
  13. Sold an amp to Ilian. Easy transaction, great communication. Feel confident dealing with Ilian 👍
  14. Matt bought a pre amp from me. Great chap to deal with 👍
  15. The TRS (two stripe) plug on the WL-50 probably has the extra connection for charging up the transmitter. Have you tried a mono cable straight into an amp? I’d plug a lead in and touch the tip to see if it hums then plug it in the bass and see what happens.
  16. None of these sound loud enough to me and they’re all way over 30W- https://youtu.be/8elFSMDEy80
  17. I have an older one I’ve tweaked a lot with different pickups and pre-amps. Got it how I want it now with the Delano hybrid MM/J set up and 2 band eq. Does active MM, passive J or active J. It’s a bit on the heavy side but I love the neck on this. Can’t get on with p bass necks but this one is ace.v
  18. No I’m not! No more band, no need for this beauty of a bass so it’s back up for sale! Postage considered.
  19. Interesting trip to the physio. She reckons there’s nothing wrong with my hand, wrist, or arm and it’s all down to neck and shoulder issues. I need to lay off the bass playing for a bit until it’s improved but main thing seems to be desk set up at work. Hopefully she’s right and I’ve been putting 2 and 2 together and making 5 with my theories.
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