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  1. Yeah, provenance of materials is another one. Hopefully Thomann have it under control 🤞
  2. That’s unbelievably cheap. Looks fantastic for the price. Can’t help wonder how on earth it can be made for that. I wonder how much is left after Thomann take their cut?
  3. I bought a set of hipshot HB7s for my fretless neck. I’m actually quite disappointed with them. The action isn’t very smooth and one of them rattles. I wouldn’t buy them again.
  4. Great chap to do business with! Thanks Dave, been a pleasure!
  5. EBS Multi Drive Studio Edition. Excellent condition. Bought new from Bass Direct in October 2018. Never gigged. Used at a few rehearsals only. Includes original packaging and manual. £55 plus postage
  6. Oops! Wrong forum. Could this be moved please?
  7. John East MMSR 4 knob, 3 band stingray pre amp. Just over a year old. Recently removed from my Ray 34 as I’ve now fitted the Delano hybrid system. As new and complete including all packaging and instructions etc. Easy installation with no soldering. N.B.this is the without plate version £85 plus postage https://www.east-uk.com/index.php/bass/mmsr-4-knob-3-band.html
  8. As I’m enjoying my fretless so much I’m learning wherever I lay my hat. Keeping it quiet though.
  9. Looks lovely. I really like the fretboard dots.
  10. Can we have a photo of the whole bass please 😁
  11. Inlays look great. Show us the headstock!
  12. Not really. I changed everything except the bridge ground wire, jack socket and battery clip. It would probably be possible to use the system with the existing preamp but I’ve no idea how it would work out. I can follow a wiring diagram but without one I’m lost! Edit: actually I think not as you’d need to at least add a blend pot or selector switch as well as the active passive switch. It would be easier to change the preamp as well and wire it up as per the Delano diagram. there are probably easier ways of getting what you want though.
  13. I felt the same about my Ray34 although I did want to keep the Ray tone too so I put the Delano hybrid pickups and sonar 2 pre amp in.
  14. Definitely the bass not the amp/lead?
  15. Check this out! https://www.taylorguitars.com/taylorware/string-ground-fuses/universal-string-ground
  16. The ground wire for the cavity shielding is to remove any potential that builds up in the shielding stopping it from preventing noise induced by outside interference. Some bass’s don’t even have that wire. The rest of the bass is still grounded via the pots, bridge ground wire etc. Theres also the theory that the ground connections can electrocute you if you have an amp fault! Some people recommend fusing the ground wire. P.S. I’m on a steep learning curve with guitar electronics myself but would have no safety concerns about leaving that disconnected.
  17. Can’t see how. It’s there to help the shielding prevent hum/noise that’s all.
  18. it’s to ground the shielding in the pickup cavity and probably does go to the back of a pot. If you’re not able to solder it back on I’d leave it as it is unless you get issues with noise. You could cut another ground wire and connect it in with that using a screw connector etc but if some of the solder joints aren’t great you might disturb something else in the process.
  19. An LED and a mini toggle switch to turn it on and off! If you used a double pole switch you could have it as a kill switch with a RED LED as off or green as on!
  20. Did you buy this bass blind?
  21. I’ve been mulling over options for connecting this up permanently and have been considering a change to V/B/T with a push pull for MM/Jazz bridge pickup. I’ve also considered V/B/T with two mini toggle switches to select jazz or MM bridge and to select series or parallel for the MM. I’ve also been pondering the fact that I have a redundant John East MMSR4 preamp in the drawer. 3 band with variable mid. Could I add a blend pot and pickup selector switch to this??? thoughts appreciated.
  22. Thanks a lot for the nice words chaps. I'm really pleased with this. Its made it into a really versatile bass. In my hands it was a bit too limited before but I really like everything about this bass now. Here's some dodgy slap playing for you to sample. It cycles through the following settings and changes every four bars when there's a cymbal crash. I fumbled around in real time to make the changes so was quite limited to what I could fiddle with. The active settings have a slight treble and bass boost and passive has the tone wide open. Its straight through my interface to Cubase with no tweaking. In active the bridge pickup is in MM mode and when passive its in J mode. 1. Active Bridge (MM) 2. Active Centre (Bridge MM and J Neck) 3. Active J Neck (bit harsh!) 4. Passive J Neck 5. Passive Centre (Bridge J and J Neck) 6. Passive bridge (J) Cheers, Pete
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