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  1. The top and the back are flat on this beast?
  2. Do you have a full front view of this bass?
  3. What a killer bass! Do you have some sound?
  4. Hi Wan, Would you send it to France? Do you have some feedback?
  5. Hi! Have you ever heard a sound from these pickups? Are you the first owner? Do you have any feedback?
  6. I think you can find a standard screw for that. I use a normal screwdriver for mine, not a hex key.
  7. bibino

    Gibson ES175.

    [quote name='Luulox' timestamp='1476384652' post='3153897'] Really depends on the model. A studio will be less than a custom shop. There are many models. [/quote] To my knowledge, there is no studio version of the ES175. Given the price you bought it, it's a standard one. Good luck!
  8. bibino

    Gibson ES175.

    I wouldn't call a 2002 a vintage. The common argus would be around 2000€, depending the finish and its condition.
  9. This composite neck don't need a truss rod? It has never moved and it's straight?
  10. Where is assembled this bass? Do you ship to France?
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