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  1. Maybe a long shot but I’m looking for a few decent led pars that I can truss mount. With barn doors/ shutters would be great but I can add them if the lights are bright. 6m wide truss/light bridge - preferably in 1.5m sections.
  2. I could do with some extra HK speakers. Ideally I’m after the pro 12xd active monitors and a pro 18sa active sub but I could be interested in other models.
  3. I’m looking for a decent wireless mic. Preferably Shure beta or Sennheiser G3
  4. I’m playing more guitar than bass these days so I’m looking for an older strat - ideally earlier than 1973. Possibly looking for a tele as well.
  5. I need the bar that bolts on the side of a sennheiser g1 or g2 wireless receiver to attach it to a rack, If anyone has a spare for sale or an alternative suggestion please give me a shout.
  6. I’m looking at buying a new desk, I currently use the xr18 for PA work mixing bands most weeks. I’m happy with the xr18 but we could do with a second desk so I’m looking at the x32. I’d appreciate any thoughts about the compact and producer models? Looks like a smaller screen and no scribble strips on the channels is the difference but i can live with that. Anything else I’m missing?
  7. I could do with another gigbag - (standard jazz/precision size). Let me know if you have one to spare.
  8. Ideally looking for the spring loaded version.
  9. I’m looking for another ev1 expression pedal but an ev2 would be fine if anyone had one they want to part with.
  10. I’m looking for a lighting bar - either the gigabar or megabar by equinox would be ideal but I’d consider others. The matching stand would be great but isn’t essential.
  11. I’ve had it done before but the firm I used have since stopped making cabs. Any of the custom amp or cab makers should be fine though or look up Chris that makes headshells for people using the ampmaker kits. Zilla are a popular choice but not the cheapest iirc. I can’t see an issue with getting the look you want if the Tolex in that colour is available.
  12. I dep for a band that have just started doing half the set in Eb. Don’t ask me why they don’t drop them all - I asked and received a confused look. I just take two basses and swap (as do the guitarists). As long as you aren’t using thin string that will get a bit flappy it’s fine.
  13. I could do with a back up for my Geddy Lee Jazz so I’m after something different. Maybe a 5 string Sire or Lakland, maybe a Precision - Fender or a cheap bitsa. Cosmetics aren’t too important so long as it works or can be fixed up. Must be able to post/deliver to or meet up in East Yorks.
  14. The transmitter on my G30 died last night, The receiver appears to be fine to it’s a waste to bin and buy a whole new system if anyone has a spare transmitter they would part with.
  15. Bluesy / Southern rock band (female singer, guitar, drums and keys) looking for a bass player. Mix of covers and originals.
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