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  1. Our previous singer. He used to hide behind a keyboard he played on two songs and his lyrics on a music stand. And between each song drink coffe out of a large flask and play with his effect pedals, so he didn't engage with the crowd.
  2. I've just started to play a 5 string so I 'm not sure if would be best to tune down or transcrbe our set list.
  3. Just got a new singer and he has asked us to tune down half a step from standard. I don't have a problem with this, l'm just curious to how many other bands do this.
  4. Bought Lee's Stingray on Saturday. I found Lee to be a friendly, knowledgable genuine guy. I would not hesitate to buy from him in the future.
  5. Is this a sale only or are you interested in trades?
  6. I really struggled with I predict a riot by the Kaiser Chiefs. I think it was because it seemed like a busy song to play.
  7. Hi is this still up for sale? If it is where are based?
  8. My first ever gig on friday night. It went better than I thought it would but not as well as I would have liked,I mucked up a few times. Learned a few things 1 4x10 bass cabs are hard work getting up a flight of stairs 2 try not to get distracted by the crowd. Our band got a couple of gig offers from it so we are all pleased. Russ
  9. Why not look at playing some Black Stone Cherry?
  10. Hi I'm interested in buying this please pm me Cheers Russ
  11. Hi I'm interested in the Korg Pandora please pm me. Cheers Russ
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