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  1. New Studio Jam Video with Max Mees on bass.
  2. Little video demo of the CHB-2 bass by Andy Irvine @ The Daily Funk Club
  3. We don't make a fretless CHB bass at all. That one was a one off. That's not to say we won't in the future.
  4. Such a glamorous life owning a bass company. Here is how I spent my Sunday morning.
  5. Nope. Regular normal bass.
  6. I've got a Sapphire Burst with a scratch on the neck that I can knock £50 off. It's one of the new 2018 ones where we've moved production to India from China.
  7. Still my favourite demo of BOTH our fretless SWB-1 *and* our Fuzzster Fuzz Pedal.
  8. I don't mind. Don't want to monopolise your podcast though.
  9. More new videos on the 'tubes. For metalheads Leo Moracchioli uses the Retrovibe EVO Davie504 for this Metal Cover of Rock Me Amadeus And also Davie504 plays a bass solo with all the strings tuned to B here (same bass)
  10. We sell them directly. It copes with sustained notes about as well as you would expect. It’s a analog Octave and suffers from everything that brings along with it. You have to work with the pedal a bit.
  11. New updates to the NT Series bass designs. Here's the 4 and 5 string. These are near final.
  12. Thanks. Ideally wanted to do a shorter scale and 32.7" is sort of at the cusp of what works well with a low B.
  13. £1250-ish. One finish (Red Cedar / Maple / Walnut composite body, 5 piece walnut and maple neck, walnut veneer on the headstock and in a matt finish). Probably a free case.
  14. Hard at work with Retrovibe as a design consultant with new revisions to the NT Series Bass Design. Will have : 4 and 5 String Bass in 32.7" Scale Red Cedar / Maple / Walnut Body Aguilar Pickups Aguilar 3 Channel Pre-Amp with Active/Passive Switching 18v Hipshot Bridge Hipshot Ultralite Tuners Maple and Walnut Through Neck Ebony Board with Abalone Markers Black / Abalone Hardware Maple TRC Intention is to be launch at NAMM 2019.
  15. SWB Pro is clear and warm. Volante is growly on the bridge pickup. And yes - Simon @ Sico Setups does EVERY single bass we sell - be it to a dealer or to a end customer. We'd be lost without him.
  16. New video this morning. Scott Whitley (on SWB Pro) and Danny Sapko (on Retrovibe Volante) lay down some funk in our studio.
  17. I hate trying to get multiple people in the same place at the same time**. 😉 It's all about compromise. ** since I film videos I actually have to do this.
  18. Which is why I suggested that each person records their own audio too. You could get a few Zoom H1s and post them out to interviewees. Then all the skype recording is used for is a guide for syncing up the mix. And you can edit out the worse of those pauses.. Just a suggestion of course.
  19. You have two practical challenges too. You can record via Skype (a good way to do this is log the skype call - and also have each person record their own audio using something like a Zoom H1). You then take all the individual audio streams and edit them together using the Skype recording as a master guide. However - working via Skype you need to be careful not to talk over one another as you don't have body language to guide you. It takes a bit of practice to get right. Or... you all crowd into the same room and record one master set of audio. This gives you the logistical challenge of getting everybody in the same place at the same time - and I predict will be a dealbreaker. Co-ordinating people is a pain in the derrière. Just FYI. The audio for this was recorded with the Zoom H1 placed on the floor between us on a teeny-tripod (to give you an idea of how well it works for not very much money)
  20. I'd happily come and talk about making basses I'm not wild on the sound of my own voice... but I LOOOOVE my own opinions
  21. Maybe you'd find new members via a new audience.
  22. There are a lot of very niche podcasts. There's always an audience. I've thought about doing this myself.
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