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  1. New CHB for 2018 being painted as we speak. That flame though! 😍🔥
  2. New video this morning! We're actively looking for people to come in and film stuff if anybody is interest. Come alone. Bring a drummer. Come with your band. Whatever you fancy doing. We're happy to use the might of the Chowny empire* to promote your stuff. *actual size of empire may vary
  3. Any friendly bass players with a tame drummer that feel like dropping into Bristol at Chowny HQ to shoot a video and promote their band? :)

  4. With the impending release of our new Bass-Mopshere Chorus/Reverb pedal, we thought we'd tease out what we are making next. The FUNKYO pedal will be a monstrous envelope filter for maximum Funk! Estimated release about October/November. Definitely before Christmas. Updates to follow!
  5. New video on Youtube today : Chowny SWB-1 Active Bass and Bass-Mosphere Chorus/Reverb Pedal
  6. ***NOW SOLD**** For sale : £360 (special basschatter price) this fretless CHB-1 conversion. We converted a B-Stock CHB-1 that had faulty fretwork into this fretless beauty! Only one of it's kind. Fitted with GHS Precision strings.
  7. New video released today This time our resident drummer (Joe Bradley) had a go playing the bass for us. Gear used: Chowny SWB-1 bass (in Ash) Active Little Marcus head Markbass 4 x 10 cab Tascam us-1641interface Ludwig Breakbeats by Questlove drums Yamaha EAD10 Drum Module
  8. Super pleased to have the legendary Tony Butler on board endorsing our basses. He popped up to Chowny HQ to get to know us and have a play on all the basses. Was really good meeting him of course!
  9. New video today on the youtube channel!
  10. MEGA PRE-ORDER OFFER! Bass-Mosphere Pedals are now available to Pre-Order for £62 (image attached) Delivery will be approximately end of June. Anybody pre-ordering will be sent a 50% discount code of either a Fuzzster or Pitchcraft Pedal about a week before dispatch. Also use code "basschatpedal" for an additional £2.50 off. Thanks for the support. Pre-Order here : http://chownybass.com/product/bass-mosphere-octave-reverb-pedal/
  11. This happens with most semi-hollow long scale basses. Combination of long neck and light body. Jack casady Bass is especially notorious for it. A good wide strap with a rough back will go a long way towards alleviating this. Some people also add an additional strap lock on the upper horn - but if you do this make sure you glue it as well. Hope this helps
  12. Some photos from the factory this morning. First we have an unpainted test assembly of a 2018 CHB bass. Next we have some CHBs queued up ready for painting And finally some painted SWB-1 bass necks in tubes
  13. I explain it earlier in the thread. Read back up. And you really don’t notice the change in scale after a minute or two.
  14. The 2017 CHB-2 (which you've got there is 34") and the 2018 CHB-2 (coming out in 4 weeks) is 33" So we're both right. Interesting reading your thoughts on the bass. The conclusion seems to be that you like it, but it might not be for you? - Stephen
  15. To answer the question of all ages (Can it be used for Metal), Leo Moracchioli used our Retrovibe EVO bass for his new Metal Cover :
  16. Look at the back of it - and then tell me that again.
  17. Outdated information. Thanks for the heads up. I'll correct it to 33" For the following reasons : 1. It allows better placement of the bridge, while still using the same body as the CHB-1. The 34" had the bridge pushed back towards the tailpiece more than I was comfortable with. 2. 33" feels comfortable and familiar if you play 34", but still leaves the strings under slightly less tension for good semi-hollow bass tone 3. No tippy-tippy neck dive. 4. Nobody else makes them at 33". Nice to do something different.
  18. We do a 30.7" Scale (CHB-1) and a 33" Scale (CHB-2) - just FYI
  19. <super_nerdy_graphic_design_content> I have a buddy who does all my artwork for me. I pick the colours from Fiestaware https://goo.gl/TZ8Y2s which was dinnerware made in the 1940s/1950s. They all kind of follow a similar design, but with a different two colours on each pedal. I try give each pedal a quirky retro aesthetic. Up till now we've put the pedal naming duties out to the public (and if we pick a name from somebody they get a free pedal). The artwork is vinyl hardwearing outdoor stickers. They're super resilient. The pedals come blank from the factory and I have to spend 4 hours sticking all the stickers on. Here's what the stickers look like: </super_nerdy_graphic_design_content> The next pedal will be an envelope filter (with a HP/LP blend). Name suggestions welcome!
  20. Hi All Lots going on at Chowny at the moment. So am sponsoring a thread to put you in the picture We've new offices in Bristol (in scenic Lawrence Hill) and would love to invite anybody who fancies it to pop by and have a play on our basses or pedals. Just give us a heads up when you want to come. So first stock updates: Stock in of all of the following: Retrovibe EVO Davie504 Basses Retrovibe EVO Retrovibe Volante Retrovibe Vantage Fuzzster Pedals Pitchcraft Pedals Stock incoming over the next month SWB Pro SWB-1 CHB-1 and CHB-2 (2018 editions) We've added a new video studio and are adding new videos to our Youtube channel twice a week. They will be a mix of things (jams, talks etc) Here is Scott Whitley and I talking about the SWB and how we came to make it. And here is Danny Sapko playing on the very first ever CHB that we made. Finally we are releasing our new Bassmosphere Pedal soon. It's boutique designed Chorus/Reverb pedal. Manufactured in China and sold for the price of £62 (plus the usual "basschat" discount). Anybody who wants to come and play some bass (and drums) or just bring your band into our studio to do a song - get in touch. Thanks! Will add to this thread as new stuff happens.
  21. Here. Something for you to do while you wait
  22. The truss rod cover will come from gig.ink and will arrange to send it to you seperately. - S
  23. It's being dispatched out to the shop tomorrow. I just need to give them a quick call first.
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