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  1. Surprised this is still here. Been toying with the idea of one channel having a boost - does this pedal focus on mids or just the very low end mate?
  2. He kind of encapsulates everything wrong about celebrities, I don't understand any relevance to any kind of point as to what he does. Pass. Kim must be a half wit, or when he goes home he must be fair normal, but I doubt it.
  3. Ah cheers chaps! I'm glad it's been used on bass, I guess it's fine if there's not much happening on the lower register as the parts I'll potentially play with it are all higher solo parts... I'll have a listen to the clip now
  4. Hiya! Just learned a whole new setlist, one of which is Highway Star. It's the Chickenfoot version but I'm curious to know if anyone has used the EH B9/C9? Ive seen demos online but would sooner know if tracking the lower notes causes and issues at all? I fancy the idea of not needing an actual keyboard 😊 Cheers, Lee.
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  6. On August 15th 2015 Mr Big's singer said I'm 'Billy Sheehan reincarnate - and he isn't even dead yet.' 45 and too old, but still flattered to death.
  7. I'm still cheesed off I live too far away to chuck myself into the pot, this band sound genuinely brilliant.
  8. Just thought I'd chip in about the Attitude bass here. I have the Mk2 and I finally got round to raising the woofer pickup about 4mm with dense foam - best thing I ever did. I used to turn that output up a little more if I used both channels separately but it's not the same as what I'm getting off it now. I'd say hand on heart it's now the ballsiest bass by far
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  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. This is mine. I used two wee Ampegs, not a bad tone I reckon: http://youtu.be/7smt6tiSu9I
  12. I'm agreeing with madshadows here. This album took a little longer to grasp, it's not as obvious as the first. Sheehan changed compressors, the way I hear it through Audiolab/Q Acoustics stuff is his bass sounds kinda glassier? There's less in your face growl, it's more of a smoother gnarly tone to me, but I am 45 and a tiny bit deaf. What? It's a broader album that risks appealing to more people, if you can call it a risk. Saw them first time round - bloody epic live band, a real bar band feel that played like they'd just left school and seeing them again in a couple months. Can't wait!
  13. Haha! I have to admit I think she's a bit weird, having said that when I give it some she sort of does a slow moon walk away. I should maybe buy her some white socks and a badly fitting trilby maybe?
  14. Cheers mateys! I've been on a while now but never actually stated anything! Yep, love this site, it's the future haha
  15. Well, probably should have done this a long time ago but better late than never. I'm Lee, originated from the depths of Wigan where I played with Riff Raff which became Northern Riot, a cover band that was huge fun to play in. After that i joined a newly reformed Marseille with the chap off telly playing lead guitar - comical/great/ridiculous in equal parts. Good fun. I've had a few basses - mainly Yams but stuck with my Attitude 2, it's still my favourite instrument by far. I moved to Gateshead, I've since played a gig with Eric Martin, well, 4 songs and it was a bit surreal. Tremendous stuff. In Marseille I used an Ampeg 450 head with the 610...huge and brilliant but pointless in a way, spent more time turning it down. I've had some Hy-Drive units but struggled with the brashness, they were great with regular basses but with my Yamaha it was too shrill so went back to smaller Ampeg combos. I'm all about the mids...I compress both channels separately, I distort the split P channel slightly but keep the 'big', much like Mr Sheehan. The guy's a genius with tone. I've done various bits of random fills, studio stuff - cannot read music and as such I've learned to learn stuff pronto, improvise like a good un... And me and my Mrs have a Lhasa called Lola who sits in front of the amps while I play - what a top, top dog she is Cheers chaps and chapettes, I enjoyed that 12 minute waffle just now x
  16. I'm NE too! I'm a bit inspired to do this introduction thing meself...
  17. For what it's worth everyone should experience this bass. It's phenomenal in every way - it almost forces you to play better, dig deeper, try harder and works your ligaments. Yeah, maybe some do 'struggle with the neck' but as the man himself says - 'it's a strength instrument'.... you're not supposed to be all casual and expect resounding sounds - right? Someone buy this for the bargain price it is! Treat yourself - Xmas is coming and if you're proud of what you do this amazing instrument will zone your spotlight far stronger than anything else - Lee.
  18. Cheers mateys - it was surreal tbh. The whole thing was rushed, he got there late, no real sound check, zero practise - totally amazing all the same. I'm playing some bass lines I love, on the bass that sits well with me, with the singer I totally admire. And I didn't have time to tell him ha - awesome all the same and a unique chance to back a hero
  19. http://youtu.be/t6CkRVtRDTM And an acoustic Undertow!? Has this been done before?
  20. I had a one off chance to play with Eric Martin in Newcastle last Saturday, totally one off acoustic experience which I felt completely gobsmacked.
  21. For what this is worth as I'm over a year late(!), my overseas friend Jon has played Billy's live rig several times, the weight and impact of really deep lows, huge lower mids combined with screaming distortion is his thing, most clips/audio you can find doesn't cope or reproduce the lows well but they are permanently there, and monstrous.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  23. What a completely brilliant sound. I'd bloody love this! In a couple of months if not sooner - I'll pester you for it.
  24. Going off how it sounded through the Mac, 10, 15 and 12? I have two separate tens. Tens are good.
  25. I decided to do a clip more about tonality as opposed to a gazillion notes - How's it sounding? http://youtu.be/7smt6tiSu9I
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