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  1. I'm about to do the same! I have pretty consistent patterns whizzing round my tiny fragile mind and I'm finally starting this now. I've got the Logic Pro X, the Focusrite 2i2'll be here in roughly a week then it all starts. Genuinely excited too
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  3. My first bass was a Marlin(!?), the first proper one was a Yamaha BBN4. I used this bass sooo much and managed to get the Attitude 2, had a 714BS too but didn't touch it anywhere near as much - I do believe it's the best 4 stringer made, most versatile, hugely varied sound....I don't reckon the neck's too wide at all, just move your elbow round a little more! Awesome, awesome instrument especially in full two amp mode though single output still pips every other bass I've heard.
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  7. Hi mate, I have one of these. Definitely the best pedal comp I've heard in action, partly due to the fact I can't hear it work. I could tell you how I set mine but I like strong compression, it brings out harmonics, I play finger style and don't touch pics, this little unit really shows which part of the string you're pulling from, close to bridge very twangy, close to neck very warm...the top left knob I have set to full on, top right a l m o s t full on, input around 11 o'clock, output just under 1 o'clock but my Attitude bass is very loud so this keeps the signal in check, at least as far as my sound goes anyway, and the Middle switch is on full compression too. Very recently changed from Hartke back to two Ampeg combos so I now need another comp, possibly a basic one for the bass channel - how expensive is this malarkey?? Hope this helps! Cheers, Lee.
  8. Well, I should start the experiences I've had. Numerous different bands, lots of live work accomplished, many realisations as to why I've almost gone full circle and got a 40 watt combo, well, two of them to run with with my bass' twin jacks. I've had the Ampeg 610, SVT450, the Ampeg 210, both versions of the 15" Ampeg combos, I went into Hartke Hy-Drive stuff, namely the 5210 combo into the 115C. It's took this long to fully grasp about backline...I've spent too long having to turn down, stop feed back from mics, having my stuff only as loud as the stage wedges anyway I don't particularly use massive onstage power plus people don't hear your stuff anyway, cue questionable looks from people when I'm telling them I've got two of the new Ampeg BA110v2's. I have to admit I fell for the familiarity a little, the benefit being their new Scrambler function works for one of the channels while the other one is just solid tone. Much of volume is perceived loudness anyway. You think I'm a little mad? You should hear them both. Yep, small but they sound like they're fight with a way bigger heart and it's quite a thing feeling the tangible notes. I've ordered a Zoom Q2hd too so I will be uploading a clip or two that'll hopefully pick up all the audio I'm currently hearing Cheers, Lee.
  9. This looks and sounds an ace band to get into, someone's going to drop on their feet with this Hope you get someone decent chaps. Lee.
  10. I love my Hy-Drives. I'm aware they can sound brash but I'm now a fan of having too much potential and stepping back if need be, not 'so so' and tweaking like mad to be heard. We've 2k monitors and my sound is consistently with it, very potent, very strong.
  11. Ah I should have said - I've had no problems playing live with what I had, the older guitarist who was a bit obsessive with too many pedals stated its what I should do but as I say, I've had no issues to begin with plus I don't need or want anything else! I'll have a look now at the links you nice chaps have sent me though Thank you mateys, Lee.
  12. Morning! I've a Pitchblack, M87 compressor and a Fullbore, they're linked mains wise by an adjoining mains lead initially fed from the tuner. I've had no trouble at all but I am aware I need a mains brick, my question is these relatively cheap ones ie £20-40 I've seen on eBay/Maplin etc - are they worthwhile changing to or is it only worthwhile with a 'proper' one? Cheers
  13. Thank you matey. I'm gonna have to get it taken in aren't i? I have this looming feeling tbh and there's nothing worse! I've swapped cables, check the workings on the bass as I play it quite high and sweat a lot and all's fine :/ I'll keep you posted, Lee.
  14. Cheers for that, the leads I've swapped to no avail at least yet, I'll give icastle's thoughts a go today! It's odd that everything sounds epic and then it just drops..
  15. Hey everyone, I've a fairly berserk problem so before I take my gear anywhere I'd like to run this by you all, see if it rings a bell with anyone. I have a Hy-Drive 5210, changed the preamp valve to a EH and it's been perfect since, a lot of clean notes. I got an MXR M87 and a Pitchblack tuner pedal not long ago, two weeks ago I played live Saturday and it was fine, plugged in Sunday's gig and next to no volume, distorted clipped sound so it went away to our manager's friend who apparently knows his shizzle. Now, he cleaned it regarding dust, played it loud all day and I mean louder than I need it, it's fine. I get it back, I'm on my second gig last weekend, towards the end the same happened and it's a horrendous feeling. So, as it's left in the van with everything, could it be extremes of temperature? Condensation? I've turned the output on the compressor so the input isn't too much for the pre... I've no real idea and I'll welcome any advice I'm too dense to possibly realise Thank you mateys, Lee.
  16. Hi everyone, it was myself that got the Marseille gig and yeah, a certain person was a little aloof
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  18. Thank you both for that, I think I'm likely to go the EBS route tbh, I used to have a rack DBX unit and I'm very much needing to tame these peak notes!! eBay here I come
  19. Eyup, I've just become the proud owner of a full Hy-drive rig and need a wee compressor, I think I may know the answer but as far as pedals go the 'general' ones seem cheaper than the specific bass ones, would I get away with this approach or should I stick to the bass orientated ones? Thank you for any help here, Lee.
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