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  2. Only reason I asked is I’m NE based now, if you’re up this way for any reason you’re welcome to try.
  3. Yes mate, it’s the least vague sound I’ve ever had. Bear in mind I keep the treble down and the horn off - it’s spot on for me. Whereabouts are you based?
  4. Hello mate. I have 2 210 cabinets and 2 115 Hy-Drive cabinets, used for varying results. I have to say the HD’s are exemplary, the aluminium element doesn’t overly brighten anything - they are just powerful and immediate sounding. Cheers, Lee
  5. Well, I finally own one of these. A fellow BCer kindly sold me this recently, and I’m smitten. Had a good few pedals that emulated this but tbh the more I’ve tinkered with it at low volumes at home, and gigged with full volume the more I realised how much larger the overall tone is. Absolutely unreal. I’m currently attempting to source the chap Dan who created the thing to begin with. If anyone knows of who in the UK 100% how to do the BS mod can they please let me know as I would like this to be done. Cheers, Lee
  6. What a lovely man. Bought an amp and cabs from Rich, he and his wife Jackie are just the nicest people. Absolutely buy with confidence - I definitely made a friend or two
  7. Hiya mate. Would you be able to post for £40? If so I’ve a dep gig this Saturday and will be able to forward you the money from potentially Sunday. Thanks Ian, Lee
  8. Brilliant - cheers for that mate, I was on the right track then!
  9. Hiya. I’m going ‘back’ to rackmounted stuff. I’ll be selling my pedals off, and I want to know about using rack compression. So, a few I fancy using apparently won’t work well with the bass going straight in - does this mean they’ll be fine say after a preamp? Line level? Cheers in advance, Lee
  10. I work in an entertainment venue, the chap that comes testing every bloody amp, kettle and vibrator told me the whole PAT test thing came from the wife of a TORY MP whose wife got a shock from a hotel hairdryer - is this true?? Ok, I fibbed about the vibr...kettle.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Hiya. I’m a bassist, my good friend Mal is a guitarist/singer and we would like a drummer. Think along the lines of Philip Sayce, Winery Dogs, Dan Patlansky, Mr Big. Fuzzy blues rock but no particular fixed feel. Maybe a few covers but very open idea wise - lots of history behind us both. North East of England, Gateshead and Burnopfield based. Cheers everyone, Lee.
  13. Wilf is an absolute star! Took a faulty pedal, made a friend for life. His pickups do have a sharper/smoother sound than standard ones in the guitars I’ve heard with them installed.
  14. Darren is a star, sold me a pedal which was exactly as described, and kept in touch throughout. If he goes into politics, I'm voting for him Cheers matey.
  15. Used around 6 times, I got a generic case for it too. Completely unmarked! Collection from Gateshead but hit me with any questions. Cheers, Lee.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  17. This amp has been in storage for 6 months or thereabouts, it has a distorted clipped sound through both the speakers and headphone output. I have two others like this, the woofer and tweeter work precisely in the others, it appears to be an electrically based fault which I'm not fussed about fixing. Collection from the NE or can courier should you want to arrange. Cheers, Lee.
  18. No problem at all, let me know how it goes Ant and cheers Tom, I've just noticed yours!
  19. Bloody hell that's horrendous.. I have to say, the fault on mine wasn't 'traceable' and I just gave up. When it worked it was really impressive, and in retrospect the guy I bought it off (used) gave a brief, full tilt demo - then turned it off.
  20. Item sold, how do I change the heading??
  21. I have to say, I had a spell with the Hartke 210 Hy-Drive combo, and it kept failing to the point I started to cringe when my 'spot' was coming up. Took it to more than one guy and no fault found, it's kinda annoyingly mental. I began thinking it was being spiteful. I'll stick with Ampeg.
  22. Hey, I'm selling one of my amps, I may trade for an organ effect pedal as I do one or two Deep Purple tracks and I'm the designated 'Lee will you do that part' guy. I'm in the NE but I'll post if necessary. Cheers, Lee the 4 stringed organist.
  23. Kinda nauseating isn't it? I'd do it for free but that's my choice, I'm not having it decided for me very much like yourself. I go to work to get paid, I'm not doing that for charity either. I just think there should be a bit more justification when someone expects a lot for very little, I may end up saying 'well if you want more people here, charge 90p a pint.' Or something.
  24. [quote name='stef030' timestamp='1481388448' post='3191994'] here in east sussex £250 is average, and we are a five piece so this is what happened to us, a pub asked us to play for a lower fee,given as we had never played in this pub before we all agreed on the proviso that there would be full paying gigs to follow, that's is not a problem she says we played the gig,pub was busy,people drinking and dancing and a good time was had by all guvner left at the end saying good job yadda yadda yadda nothing not a peep,for a few weeks always not there or busy ect ect, then right out off the blue last week I get a message would we like to play on boxing day, nice I thought,200 I am told only to find out later that day its 200 for the band so I automaticly say no way the drummer is the same the other guys say why not really I said are you that desperate,I for one wont be there, absolute insult then this big thing kicks off, about no budget ect ect,and they would not see that it is a piss take, the pub had a band cancel ect ect big band meeting me I am the bad guy,ut no I aint doing it they can if they want to, I have said get a dep in, they then said don't I know how much that will cost rest my case enjoy the gig guys funnily enough not heard anything since hey ho [/quote] I'd have done the exact same. Yes a gig is still a gig and I'm grateful to play to people but you definitely did the right thing here.
  25. [quote name='HengistPod' timestamp='1481026134' post='3189033'] We agree a fee of £75 each wherever we play. Perhaps pubs up here are a bit more willing to pay that because we're much more rural and bands have to drive further to get there. Leaving home at 6-7pm, getting home at anywhere between 2-4am, that's between £7.50 - £10 an hour for your evening's work. To say nothing of gear expenses. We don't have a gig that's local to all of us - so if a venue won't cough, we don't go. None of us are desperate for the cash, and we've found that venues that haggle over 50 quid usually come complete with a bad attitude and/or bad punters. [/quote] I agree. If there's a faff or an issue about this kinda thing I go straight to 'no'
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