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  1. Sold an amp to Cliff, communication was top notch and swift payment. A+++ Cheers
  2. Sold Ian a pedal, super straight forward and a very pleasant chap. Deal with confidence!
  3. Is this just for sale all together? I'd be interested in the PSU if it split...
  4. All of these sound ace! Really like the Knightfall and TK-421.
  5. Sold a pedal to Ryan, super smooth. Cheers man
  6. [quote name='0175westwood29' timestamp='1431017922' post='2766986'] http://pedalsandeffects.com/show-me-your-pedalboard-andy/ My board made it onto Juan's pedalboard of the day! woo andy [/quote] Oh my goodness, I never put the 'muff' in grand muff tarkin before, that is hilarious! *facepalm* Very cool, by the way
  7. Up for grabs, my smaller case etched Blower Box. Great bass distortion, gets lots of love here and on talkbass.com - mad bass! [attachment=191370:Blower.jpg] £SOLD I've applied velcro to the bottom, but otherwise as new and comes with original box and sticker. Paypal gift or bank transfer is fine, my feedback is in my signature. Trying to pay off my credit card so no trades, thanks. Any questions, please ask Cheers
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  9. plunkrock


    I play with a guy who uses one of these on guitar and it sounds amazing! GLWS
  10. Sold a pedal to Ed, super easy transaction. A++
  11. I used to run the VT/BB combo. Like dannybuoy has said though, I would always run BB > VT, rather than the other way around. Sounded great, as I recall! Actually just pulled the trigger on the second BB, but running a different preamp these days.
  12. Rat Tail sold, Malekko still available.
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