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  1. i'm sure you know but if you want to change the post title to sold (and locked), you can edit the first post with the full editor facility.
  2. interesting what you say about the B1ON 'upgrade', the same reason i'm looking at this. so i'll stick to the B1ON in that case, thanks for the tip.
  3. i'm thinking this superb instrument is actually sparkle black body finish. the pic might not do it justice.
  4. since i'm on for 70 and regressing to childhood, am i eligible?
  5. a gratuitous bump for the bass and an excellent demo. that's a great way to do it. have a listen people, though you will need to crank the volume.
  6. an accurate way is to measure between the outer string centres and then divide this by the no of spaces, ie the no of strings-1.
  7. nice bass, great bloke. don't understand the picture thing, use the full editor and attach a picture here's one of brotherhood and trust, using an iphone as an effects box.[attachment=169206:APP BOYS.jpg]
  8. yes please, pm coming
  9. possibly a digi amp, around 400-500 watts. but i shouldn't.
  10. Had my fun but this box of goodies is not relevant to my current band. The dock provides interfacing for mixing inputs and outputs (eg bass to virtual fx to amp) using standard audio connectors. The fx are not toys, they really do model their real ,sometimes very expensive, pedals and amplification. A lot of fx are free, others could be as much as £2.99. extra bonus is the ability to build any number of fx combinations to recall as presets or patches on the night Behringer IStudio Interface IPad 2 16gb with wifi has its own superior fake crocodile skin case if you currently have a big lumpy pedalboard with dodgy connections and no flexibility, this is the new technology. if nothing else it's fun, and you get an IPad. [attachment=168523:IPAD IN DOCK.jpg][attachment=168524:IPAD CASE OUTER.jpg][attachment=168525:IPAD IN CASE.jpg][attachment=168526:IPAD DOCK CONNECTIONS.jpg]
  11. GAS knows no bounds
  12. adding my bit, i can recommend the lowly zoom b1on. lurking beneath a cheapy package and strange software, there are some really good sounds. a whole range of comp/limiter simulations, with all parameters like threshold, ratio, release tweakable to taste. on top, there are synth and octave fx imho as good as individual fx. not much good as a stompbox but fine on top of the amp. all for £50
  13. before this thread gets locked, i bought the bass today from debass, a gentleman it was a pleasure to deal with.
  14. I've got three already. do i win on taste? not as nice as this one though.
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