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  1. Hi. I have the same problem and it's driving me insane. The amp never made that noise before but now it started. I have tried my basses in other bass amps and there is no issue. Did you get your amp sorted?
  2. 18mm from centre of one string to the centre of the next string on the bridge
  3. Sorry I was doing it wrong. The distance between each string at the bridge is 18cm
  4. Hi. The String spacing is 2.325cm .The scale length is 34". It really has an all round sound. The eq is very good on it. The pickups are electrosonic sbs. Thanks
  5. This is a custom made kamil greben elbow 5 string bass. It is one of a kind. Was custom made for a guy called Andy majernik in 1999. The bass is in excellent condition and has to be seen. The pictures don't do it justice. It is a thru neck bass. This bass cost €3000 new. It has a double truss rodd on the neck. The action is excellent. Really easy to play. I don't really want to sell it but I have another custom made bass on the way. Asking for £650. Case included. http://www.kamilgreben.sk
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