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  1. they are good ELO....go back now and see if hes got ant 10cc.....very well written songs well performed and of a similar era
  2. go with the modern capacitor first ,i bought a oil in paper capacitor and couldnt live with it,thats when i realized the reason things change is that things get better..
  3. i cant understand the reason to but a guitar that looks like a fender but aint,,,
  4. what is the point of buying a jazz or precision if it aint a fender.if a manufacture aint got the ability to redesign the guitar they aint worth the money,,,,its like buying a rollls Royce that looks exactly like a rolls Royce but is supposed to be better,if you want to buy a guitar if that looks like a jazz its got to be a fender jazz
  5. was shocked how much e bay cost,,12% if i remember correctly which on a 700 quid guitar is £49
  6. perhaps a reason to not buy the real thing
  7. has anyone bought a guitar from these people,they look like a bargain ,they look just like the real thing perhaps another reason you shouldn't but of e bay
  8. funny these were one of my first gigs at manchesters free tradehall i think it was about 79/80
  9. bast live album of all time,,seen them a few times brill band ,,,,,studio albums never matched this live beauty...
  10. their was a fella playing a Warwick rock bass on jools Holland on Friday,he was quiet tall and he looked really odd...
  11. cant under stand bass players who recommend a certain bass then tell you what they have done to make it right..just buy the right one first.....i got a Chinese squire cause i couldn't afford anything else and have moddied it ,and love it got all the bits from ebay and recon it plays really well has good as any mexican precision
  12. tour cancelled lemmy not well enough..sorry to tel you
  13. good band names "Suicide shift" its a gear change on a harley the one you take your hands of the handle bars, or i heard one on the radio to day ...the 5 [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]i"s .this is an agreement between america and britain not to spy on each other,just two i tband names i thought of recently[/font]
  14. sounded like a duck farting in the fog wins description of the day,followed by ,it went out of tune if someone sneezed in nairobi......very funny your prizes are in the post..always worth reading these posts ,for the humour as well has the honest opinions
  15. no i want the best i can afford,yeh the are alll playable but why would you want budget anything..nope wrong ,get a really good guitar and keep it for years when you get bore sell it for same has you bought it
  16. got some lovely black tape over the magnetic poles on the pickups .....sorted thanks guys
  17. great advice guys much appreciated,,,
  18. saw one in a shop today and the pickups were smooth and the strings keep catching on mine making a nasty scratchy noise are all jazz picks the same
  19. why are the poles underneath the A and D string raised on my pickups.its a mim fender
  20. how much would you like for the brigde....is it a 5 screw hole type has it got a brand on it
  21. i just bought 2 mim pickups on ere for 15 quid cant beat that?posted
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