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  1. Looks the biz and bet it sounds great.
  2. Alba

    Feedback for Shambo

    Andy bought some pickups from me a little while back. Good communication throughout and a pleasure to do business with.
  3. A bit like this, which I made up from old surplus parts from Shergold.
  4. The boards on these are Macassar (striped ebony). This one looks to be in fantastic condition. Took me a long time to find one in almost as good condition.
  5. And sold. Thanks Brian, pleasure meeting you.
  6. First thing I would do is get an external router. Ours occasionally failed to connect using the inbuilt WiFi, which caused a major panic once just before we were due to go on! We thankfully had the old mixer in the car but was a bit of a faff to change everything over. Reliability has been great since we hooked up an external router and have never looked back.
  7. Up for sale are a set of vintage Dimarzio 'DP123' (Pat Pending) pickups, which are a direct replacement for Fender Jazz i.e. the neck pickup is slightly shorter in length. Dual coil/noise cancelling - you know what they are. These were bought by me back in 1977/8 and have never been fitted. I have heard that the vintage ones sound slightly different to the current DP123's but have no personal experience to verify this. As I hope the pictures show, the neck pickup has yellowed slightly more than the bridge pickup but you only notice when they are placed close together. Comes with the usual fittings and allen key to adjust the height of the pole pieces. Collection from Kent (Medway Towns) or happy to post at cost.
  8. I don't think these need much of an introduction. In full working order but not used for some time and is just too good just to sit in its case. Has been mainly used for band practice but also gigged in medium sized pubs where it held its own without any problem. I have owned this since 1992 and, as can be see from the pictures, is in excellent condition due to living most of its life in a flight case, which is also included in the sale. Built like a tank and not willing to post but happy to travel/meet up within a reasonable radius. I am based in Kent (Medway Towns) but occasionally travel up the A1 corridor to the North East if that helps anyone that might be interested. Thanks for looking and happy to answer any questions.
  9. Alba

    DR Strings

    The above is correct. You are essentially putting down a deposit to cover the import fees. From my experience, the deposit has always been refunded in full to the account from which it was paid, although this is normally several weeks after the purchase.
  10. My first encounter with Back Door was (I think) in the mid-late seventies as a support act for, IIRC, PFM at Newcastle City Hall. Truly inspirational. Then saw them a little later playing in a pub in South Shields!
  11. Alba

    DR Strings

    Worth looking at Amazon (global store) whatever you decide. DR strings are much cheaper coming from the US and you get reimbursed the import fees. Normally delivered within the week also.
  12. Can't go wrong with a good BB2000 (or BB1200). Spent a couple of years searching to get mine.
  13. Great basses both sound and build. I use a 1980 version of the same but it is on the heavy side at around 10.5 lbs but does balance well. Can't ever see me getting rid of mine after hunting high and low to find one in good condition.
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