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    Can you please take a picture of the electronics and plate please. Thanks.
  2. Back on again, I found out that shipping to the states is way too expensive nowadays. So, back up for sale again.
  3. Bump. Getting interest from Abroad......
  4. Hi everyone, Up for sale is my Dingwall Super J 4 string in natural finish. I'm sure you all know what these basses do, sound wise it's very versatile - the pickup selector between series/parallel is particularly useful. The overall quality of the instrument is second to none. The condition is excellent. Swamp Ash Body with tone chambers natural finish, Maple neck - satin finish, maple fretboard - 34.25" - 32" scale, Pearl Blocks As you can see in the pictures the action is superb being very thin at the top of the fretboard but 19mm at the pickups. Not used much by me, only jamming as I don't play in a band, only one ding as per picture on the body but have to look hard to find it. Novax® Fanned -Fret System™ FD4 pickups (but also chambered to accommodate a P style pickup if desired) passive Preamp - Volume, Pickup selector (bridge/both series/both parallel/neck), tone Chrome Custom Bridge Chrome Hipshot ultralight tuners weight 7lbs 7oz/3.4kg Hard case with spec card and tools The neck pickup was rewired by the previous owner in series to match the bridge pickup. This has changed the sound to a more 'thunderous' Precision-ish tone, rather than a very mid scooped sound when it was in parallel. Cash sale only, not looking to trade. Thomann case included. Thanks. Price includes UK postage.
  5. Put down a deposit last night for a new Barefaced big twin 2...and yes, today there is one on here, what's the chances of that
  6. But seriously, it's the place to be if you need advice on anything bass related. I like it that much I bought the polo shirt
  7. Looking to go for a new Barefaced Super Twin, so waiting on loads coming on here.........
  8. [quote name='taunton-hobbit' timestamp='1455745742' post='2982133'] I refuse to add up the amount of money I've spent/lost on gear over the last fifty years. My rule of thumb is to walk if I can't afford it & to enjoy it if I can. [/quote] I suppose it's like Guinness, All good things come to those who wait....I just hate waiting...!!
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