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  1. This is (I think) quite rare also. Ken Lawrence Brace 1 /5.
  2. My old Fodera too. Amazingly bass and Jesse is top guy to deal with. Strongly recommend to deal with him😊
  3. Price is ....well cheap. In Station-Music they ask 4990€ and my price is 3750£. Amazing basses indeed👍
  4. Hi PRICE DROP to 3450£. Now interested about vintage Fender jazz bass or modern "boutique " jazz basses. Sale and trade price is highly negotiable. Strandberg basses are now in top tradewise. This amazing bass is now FS or FT. Here is some specks: - body: light ash with cocobolo top - neck :three pieces maple neck with grenadillo fingerboard and blocks - pickups: Seymour Duncan dualcoil -preamp: Seymour Duncan three band preamp - hardware: Hipshot - ebony ramp with radius - 35" scale - 19mm string spacing at bridge which is adjustable - I just put new Elixir stainless steel strings to it today This bass's neck is to die for and weight is about 4,2kg. Bass is from 2001 and condition is very, very excellent. Only volume pot is little scratchy. It might go away with electric spray. Tradewise I'm interested allmost anything. For exsample Sadowsky, Fodera, Ken Smith, Alembic, vintage Fenders, custom shop Fenders, 4 -6 stringers, Ibanez electric upright bass +cash or another bass. Bass is located in Finland.
  5. Too bad that there's no trade option:(
  6. Hi. I have Fodera Imperial 5 fs/ft if you are interested. PM me and I will tell you more about it. - Mikko
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