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  1. The bass player who substituted for Carol at the last minute was in one of the first decent bands I ever played in during the mid 70s. He is a talented singer/guitarist and actually contacted me for some bass playing tips a couple of days before his performance. I thought he did an excellent job considering the circumstances and it was a great opportunity he could not pass up.
  2. This is a great price for this excellent power amp as I was looking for this very amp last week but the hire company had sold out so I bought a Matrix UKP 1300 power amp instead.
  3. My Mesa Boogie MPulse 600 had a problem with V2 where I replaced the valve with a Tung Sol valve only for it to fail twice. The outcome was that using only Mesa Boogie spec valves will operate correctly in the V2 cathode follower position. Trust you get you amp sorted OK. Regards Rumblefish
  4. Just purchased an Ampeg 250 Portabass amp from John. Excellent communication and Parcel Force succeeded in delivering the amp in one piece :0). So I am very happy to recommend John to one and all here on Basschat! Thx John
  5. IMHO the best amp to use with Bernie Goodfellow (GB) basses. My HD350 is SNo 262680.
  6. Anyone who owns a Bernie Goodfellow bass needs one of these to bring out the best in these basses IMHO.
  7. Just purchased a Bart pre amp from Mark,excellent person to deal with.
  8. That was my CN212 although I did send in a couple of postal votes on the day to make sure of victory :0)
  9. Anyone out there tried running 2 CN212s ,just asking for a friend ;0)
  10. After working on a video shoot for the band Dead Crow Road ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqdTRwFDmyY ) I decided to build a tea chest bass from those useful bits and pieces that you find down the shed. The tea chest bass comprises: 1960 pre CBS Brooke Bond tea chest, 2004 broomstick, Headstock sawn off of my 1958 Fender P Bass (NOOOOOOOOOO!!) :0) Construction Notes Using my P bass to obtain a template the headstock was cut out of a piece of wood with a jigsaw. A single schaller tuning key was fitted to the headstock . The headstock was then attached to the broomstick utilising a hanging rail from a wardrobe with some screws normally used to mount a mirror. Structural wooden support bars were added to the bottom of the tea chest A length of nylon strimmer wire was utilised as a string. Sounds great, just need to work on some form of transducer to amplify the bass.
  11. Hi Andrew Thx ,some interesting information regarding the fault on the 12AX7 with the MPulse 600. Regarding your your fault: " The fault was pretty fundamental as it was in the power supply relay cct which switches in after the valve heaters have come up. There is a capacitor after one of the voltage regulators in this section which is underrated on working voltage and failed and in doing so blew the regulator too." Last year whilst setting up for gig at the Half Moon Putney my M Pulse 600 had the same fault,luckily the bass player in the other band let me use his MB 400+. Now always bring a class D as a backup although I still love the sound of the MPulse.
  12. Great guy to do business with,sorry to hear about your injury.
  13. Lockdown blues... Give it a share for a bit of fun and stay safe everyone. With a big thank you to all of the people involved in the making of this video :0) - Rumblefish Had some great fun filming my contribution to the video with my GB Spitfire.
  14. An interesting take on the 1973 classic Radar Love by those wonderful DCR chaps from down south in Hampshire. Enjoyed playing my P bass on this track which was put together by the Bass Doc and features a vintage p bass pickup by Eternal Guitars.
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