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  1. r16ktx

    What to do...

    If the Helix gives you the sound you want, even if it's just one sound, then I would stay with it. There is a lot more you might end up wanting to do in the future; different sound for monitoring, or your vocals, controlling other bits of kit, recording, re-amping, etc and dozens more I'm sure, and the unit will almost certainly cope. Plus it's a sunk cost.
  2. Looks like it would just be me for 'piezo' then... I haven't used a magnetic pickup for some years now. I daren't in case I suddenly realise that it's all been a terrible mistake!!
  3. r16ktx

    New Zoom GCE-3

    Honey I Shrank The Zoom !!? 🙂
  4. Good in the HF, but alas no heft 😉
  5. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/01/25/lasers_transmit_audible_message/ 🙂
  6. I too use Chromes on both my basses, fretted and fretless. I tried Pyramid Gold FWs for a while, I found them very similar to Chromes.
  7. I''ve always used Alpine MusicSafe Pro
  8. Just so people know - this has now gone
  9. Would B E A D tuning work for you? Like you I play stuff that uses the B and I have more fun playing a 4 string.
  10. I have a blue FretFx (34") that came off the bass I had converted to fretless. I didn't refit as I found them too bright - instead I had luminlay side dots. If anybody wants the redundant FretFx they're welcome as it's just decorating a house plant right now...
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-44209141 I was under the impression that there "classical liberal" meaning Liberal in the 19th century sense i.e. combining what is now the Liberal left and right and used to distinguish the American "Liberal" equating with the European Liberal left. "Libertarian" performs the same function for the European Liberal right. "Freedom of speech" is indeed a classical liberal principle, but it is by no means a fundamental immutable law of human society. Nor is liberalism in all it's parts. Including the progressive left liberalism embodied in part in political correctness.
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