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  1. Another flats user here - Chromes. I don't know if my Radius qualifies as a p-bass (ought to ask I suppose) into an RCF cab. As I only use the piezo pickup I still have to apply a fair amount of HF cut over 700hz for a non 'zingy' sound. The strings are 2.5 years old.
  2. r16ktx

    What to do...

    If the Helix gives you the sound you want, even if it's just one sound, then I would stay with it. There is a lot more you might end up wanting to do in the future; different sound for monitoring, or your vocals, controlling other bits of kit, recording, re-amping, etc and dozens more I'm sure, and the unit will almost certainly cope. Plus it's a sunk cost.
  3. Looks like it would just be me for 'piezo' then... I haven't used a magnetic pickup for some years now. I daren't in case I suddenly realise that it's all been a terrible mistake!!
  4. r16ktx

    New Zoom GCE-3

    Honey I Shrank The Zoom !!? 🙂
  5. Good in the HF, but alas no heft 😉
  6. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/01/25/lasers_transmit_audible_message/ 🙂
  7. I too use Chromes on both my basses, fretted and fretless. I tried Pyramid Gold FWs for a while, I found them very similar to Chromes.
  8. I''ve always used Alpine MusicSafe Pro
  9. Just so people know - this has now gone
  10. Would B E A D tuning work for you? Like you I play stuff that uses the B and I have more fun playing a 4 string.
  11. I have a blue FretFx (34") that came off the bass I had converted to fretless. I didn't refit as I found them too bright - instead I had luminlay side dots. If anybody wants the redundant FretFx they're welcome as it's just decorating a house plant right now...
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