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  1. Does the Embassy sound like a Thunderbird ? They are much cheaper with the glue-in neck. The extra mids of the Thunderbird might not be there on an Embassy .
  2. I like their amps and have the regular ABM 600 head. Those blue-coned speakers are hard to find in the States. I substituted an Eminence Beta 10 when I bought a 610 cabinet and it seems fine so far. Would I like a Retroglide when I go lightweight ? I use no effects.
  3. a nylon plectrum seems to sound more "meaty" (as in 'finger' ). A hard plastic plectrum sounds more "clicky" (tic-tac ) .
  4. What I meant is that some cabinets/bass players get such a muddy sound , especially at the rear corners of the room . Why ?
  5. I think the compression on the low notes of a sealed cabinet is what makes the ABM 610 sound like a SVT cabinet.My ported ABM 410H cabinets are some bit "looser" . I have some old towels ready for duty (thanks Lozz ! ). Why not petition Ashdown to make a sealed 410,210, etc. ?
  6. gene does play with a plectrum . The bass gtr part on Detroit Rock City is a masterpiece. Seriously , have you noticed that too much treble on stage is exactly right for much of the room ?
  7. Selling gear is not one of my success stories.
  8. I got the natural one. It had sharp fret ends that I filed . I was getting used to higher action so it doesn't have fret buzz.. I got value for about $600 with a case. The active circuit is fine but overall the sound is tame .
  9. I knew a guy who ordered a SVT with the speaker cord attached. Few bass players had a SVT. There have been so many players that I wanted a different sound. So Ashdown is my choice now.
  10. I think GK may rate their amps conservatively . that is :800 watts into 4 ohms. RMS ,continu us . But I have the regular 700w amp and built a wooden box and painted it blue. I would only save around 20 pounds. Still, I will go digital sooner or later . I have 2 Superfly amps . They are pretty and sound like about 200 watts into 2 cabinets ( 4 ohm cabinets ) I mean 100 watts on one channel and 100 watts on the other side. They have a nice pre-amp.
  11. I sure wish I could come and bring my blue Ray 34 except I live in Alabama !My heart 's been over there since The Beatles did Ed Sullivan in 1964. oh well... grenadilla
  12. I have the usual black and white, plus white pearl. Metal guards are industrial-looking and a brushed aluminum or steel would toughen it up to the Industrial Age .? They do have extra holes usually .
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