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  1. Managed to pick one up off ebay, thanks for the shout though.
  2. I know many bass players these days (including me) that use synthesizers as part of their live performance. In many genres (pop/R&B/gospel) it's essentially becoming an expectation that in a live scenario bassists can supply synth bass as well as the traditional method. Does anyone think it might be beneficial to add a section on the marketplace specifically for instruments of this type? I know that personally I would always prefer to buy from a BC member than descend into eBay/gumtree/FB marketplace any more than necessary, but at the moment there doesn't seem to be a dedicated place on the site apart from 'other musically related instruments' which is full of everything and anything, making it hard to search. I'd be interested to know if any other members are/have been in a similar situation. (currently looking for a Little Phatty Stage 2, hence the post, so drop me a message if you're looking to move one on!)
  3. SeeBread


    Lovely bass. GLWTS.
  4. It's tricky because I know that that's part and parcel of the 'vlog format' thing that he wanted to do so I can't really criticise him for it, but I just wonder how many of his viewers were there for the more personal stuff and how many would have just subscribed to the bass stuff if they could. I see that Scott Devine has moved to a more 'vloggy' format as well so maybe it gets better view numbers, I wouldn't know. I guess it could be to try and push more people towards the SBL academy for more straight-ahead bass education stuff though.
  5. The whole series is great, but this is one of the best. Love how they just sit on that groove for so long through the outro.
  6. Same with Janek Gwizdala. Loads of really great videos on all aspects of bass playing and musicianship, just have to sometimes be selective if you're not that interested in getting familiar with his gym regime or his tennis record.
  7. Sounds like band members just need to separate their personal chat and band chats. Facebook is great for organisation, there's a record of all communication that everyone can refer to.
  8. Looks interesting! Have you got any audio samples?
  9. Another little gem from Gene in a recent interview. https://www.musicradar.com/news/gene-simmons-studio-bassists-who-play-with-their-fingers-live-have-no-idea-that-we-cant-hear-what-theyre-playing I'm still split on him. He seems like a nice enough guy, but how can anyone have so much experience and still be so clueless. Maybe he's just on the greatest windup mission ever conceived. In which case, bravo Gene.
  10. As someone currently using the MEI1000 along with some Shure SE215s, can recommend. Obviously at their price point they are not going to blow minds, but they certainly get the job done and represent good value for money.
  11. Really stunning. A Pino P on steroids. GLWTS, can't imagine you'll have it for very long.
  12. I've seen quite a few band dynamics in which the singer doesn't actually fulfil the role of the 'frontman'. Inter-song banter is left to another non-singing member who sometimes only has a mic for that purpose, which I've always thought was kind of funny. But whatever works for them.
  13. SeeBread


    Interesting insights, thanks guys. I am only speaking from personal experience of mixing on hifi gear vs mixing on monitors so it's interesting to get some more scientific approaches to it, and I totally agree with you on the headphone and acoustic treatment points. I'm no pro producer so obviously take my advice in this area with a degree of suspicion, but I have gone through the process of starting out and developing a home studio so thought my experiences might relate to OPs query
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