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  1. I noticed my early Jaguar Bass (Japan) had a spring-loaded battery connector . If I knocked on the body it would crackle . A clip-on connector is what stays tight.
  2. I like these 4003 basses. I still miss my first 4001 (Mapleglo with checkered binding )
  3. I wonder if the newest 4003 sounds or feels much different ?? This Jetglo 4003 was a great bargain. A new one will cost almost $2000 /I miss my old Mapleglo and want another one.
  4. I had a 1971 VW van that color. Is the heater enough warmth for a UK winter ?
  5. A car windshield will block most of the mids and highs. The PA would need to go side-to-side . Or people should park sideways ?
  6. Also add a Warwick . They are different.
  7. Didn't Chris use that 100 with Yes ? With inverted 412 Fender cabinet ? He also had a Marshall 100 head on a Sunn 612 when he played Birmingham, Huntsville, and Atlanta. The sound man had him cranked up plenty !! (my Bassman was a humble 50 ) This head sounded good , but a 100 Ampeg V4 was more good.
  8. Thanks ! I just taped it with my 30 year-old Nakamichi BX-100 cassette deck. This beats the single and is a lot more distinct. Is this a pick or not a pick ?
  9. They look great ! I would worry that at a loud gig the head might slip off . Could it be leveled with some bracket or strap ?
  10. There is a Dutch band called Bettie Seveert that makes some good pop-rock. I have several albums and the bass player gets an great Precision sound . I would like to hear them live.
  11. If I put a Thunderbird pickup closer to the bridge, leave the Precision pickup in, and wire them in parallel ... would the Tbird pickup be there but no louder ? I would want some raunchy mids added to the P sound.
  12. I would see the Stones in both Nashville and Atlanta . The Who ...
  13. I heard their finishes were trade secrets not to be revealed . They take a ding without flaking off paint (much). So Jetglo stays pure black without light -colored battle scars.
  14. My favorite electrics are SGs. These are 50s Tribute guitars with 24 frets, Grover machines, and no pickguard. P 90 pickups take me to Leeds (almost).
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