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  1. grenadillabama

    castors for cabs

    I did the same as fleabag , with 4 wide screws through a mount plate. Over the years I have found that 4" wheels will go over bumps and cords easier. I like the mounts all the way to the front edge and back edge of the cabinet so it will be harder to tip over.
  2. grenadillabama

    Why does Ashdown MAG 300 combo sound so bloody good?

    I have a "wide" MAG 300 and a regular MAG 300 head. Just for fun I plugged in my Les Paul gtr in the wide one (with 410 Marshall gtr cabinet). The warmth made the tone pretty good with a tad of extra gain.
  3. grenadillabama

    NAD: Ampeg SVT Classic

    Do you like Ampeg speakers also ? I wonder about the 810 SVT and the Ashdown ABM 810. Which would you choose , assuming you could move it ?
  4. grenadillabama

    New Ashdown 3x10 cab!

    I have missed the old column-speaker PA. These would make the days possible again. Don't forget the Beatles used Vox columns for the Shea Stadium gig. Many a band used Kustom and Peavey columns all across Alabama.A powered mixer will make it complete !
  5. grenadillabama

    ChangesTwoBowie (hiram.k.hackenbacker)

    The deep bass with the bright,choppy rhythm gtr is very good ! Lead gtr not bad at all ! You should do an album of original songs too.
  6. grenadillabama

    Five-string PJ suggestions

    Schecter Model T 5 string looks like a natural FenderTele (with black parts). Active EMG PJ pickups with 18 volt 2-band e.q. It looks good with 5 tuning machines on one side. 35"scale so the B string won't be floppy.
  7. grenadillabama

    Which 6x10...?

    I have the Ashdown ABM 610 (sadly no longer made). It sounds great but I could never get it up stairs alone. One thing it has that a SVT doesn't is nice recessed side handles so two people can shift it (about 125 lbs.). Now they have a Rootmaster 610 but it may weigh in at 110lbs+. I suppose that one is a good bargain ? It is rated at 900 watts.
  8. grenadillabama

    "New" Gibsons...

    I noticed the LP Junior bass had a .105 E string like my Mustang PJ has. Gibson is using maple necks more nowdays. The LP Junior gtr also has a maple neck. The coil-tap is a good feature on this new bass. I hope the pickup is not a bassey EBO sound. -The pickup on my old 70's Ripper was a larger P-90 style with the best (crispest} treble of any Gibson or Epi bass I have owned . They ought to make that pickup. Epi should have made it for the Ripper they had...
  9. grenadillabama

    That Burnt Look!

    Fender had a spalted Telecaster gtr I almost bought for $800 new. It did not sound quite like a Telecaster to me so I didn't get it. Great neck ...
  10. grenadillabama

    That Burnt Look!

    i like it too !
  11. grenadillabama

    When Double-Necks Weren't Parallel

    A few pickups, some knobs & switches, then an Orange amp would round it out .
  12. grenadillabama

    Anyone thinking of a 6?

    I wonder if it is better to go E-E like a gtr OR B to B OR B to C ? Does the little string have any bass content or is it to add a little chord like a gtr playing a choppy chord on the "off" beat ? It is something that bands might not dig, like my new Schecter 8 string. I am curious...
  13. grenadillabama

    Passive pa speaker for bass?

    When I saw Emerson Lake and Palmer in the '70s the bass cabinet was a "W" cabinet that layed on its side. The 2 15s pointed their sound around some zig-zag and came out the front. It was about 3'high and 5' wide ! The really strange thing was a LARGE high frequency horn on top. I have no idea how it was crossed over. I did buy a green Altec Lancing horn for my bass amp. It got some killer treble until it bit the dust . Then I went to a common SVT and it was good.
  14. grenadillabama

    Bass necks

    The e. q. is way different, yes. I just meant what a V.U. meter would 'see'. The extra mids of a 'bird is not what I meant, although that is the sound that sets it apart. I suppose a compressor could make them all sustain the same.
  15. grenadillabama

    Bass necks

    A neck-through like a Rickenbacker 4003 or a Thunderbird will have a different sustain. A Fender will fade like a bass drum and is more "regular tone " that folks are used to hearing. Maybe true ?