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  1. I don't like that tune much either , check out the high bassey notes on "Rain". You don't hear that sort of sound anymore. Also listen to the high notes on "With A Little Help From My Friends". Is that some phaser or chorus effect that makes it stand out ? Go back to Rubber Soul for his best parts that drive the song.
  2. The Ashdown RM 500/210 combo has an 8 ohm extension speaker jack . The e.q. is good and the compressor is useful. I have the RM 500 head and it has not seemed lacking in tone or power.
  3. I like my RM 115 cabinets. The RM 500 head has crisper treble than my ABM 600.
  4. I would get this in a 5 string. Also a mapleglow Rickenbacker 4003. I already have a 2017 4 string USA Ray. Of course a Dolphin Warwick or a Thumb might cost that much and be good but they are heavy.
  5. My Ripper is long gone but I liked to use a good bit more treble and then picked it close to the neck for some mellowness. I foolishly had an EB-3 bridge pickup put in the middle. Added a volume control too ! It only cost $375 from Mannys Music in NY. Rip on...
  6. Do the new ones have that pull switch for "vintage" or "modern" sound ? I like both sounds.
  7. They will probably have a new color coming out but I like blue best ! My 'Backer is Fireglow (red-yellow burst). Your new bass looks great !
  8. your tribute band has better vocal harmony than most of the originals ! tastey Warwick also !Do you use much bass e.q. boost on the Ampeg (ultra low maybe ?) There is not much pick sound.
  9. I did the same as fleabag , with 4 wide screws through a mount plate. Over the years I have found that 4" wheels will go over bumps and cords easier. I like the mounts all the way to the front edge and back edge of the cabinet so it will be harder to tip over.
  10. I have a "wide" MAG 300 and a regular MAG 300 head. Just for fun I plugged in my Les Paul gtr in the wide one (with 410 Marshall gtr cabinet). The warmth made the tone pretty good with a tad of extra gain.
  11. Do you like Ampeg speakers also ? I wonder about the 810 SVT and the Ashdown ABM 810. Which would you choose , assuming you could move it ?
  12. I have missed the old column-speaker PA. These would make the days possible again. Don't forget the Beatles used Vox columns for the Shea Stadium gig. Many a band used Kustom and Peavey columns all across Alabama.A powered mixer will make it complete !
  13. The deep bass with the bright,choppy rhythm gtr is very good ! Lead gtr not bad at all ! You should do an album of original songs too.
  14. Schecter Model T 5 string looks like a natural FenderTele (with black parts). Active EMG PJ pickups with 18 volt 2-band e.q. It looks good with 5 tuning machines on one side. 35"scale so the B string won't be floppy.
  15. I have the Ashdown ABM 610 (sadly no longer made). It sounds great but I could never get it up stairs alone. One thing it has that a SVT doesn't is nice recessed side handles so two people can shift it (about 125 lbs.). Now they have a Rootmaster 610 but it may weigh in at 110lbs+. I suppose that one is a good bargain ? It is rated at 900 watts.
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