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  1. I got all the keys among several Hohner models. The Special 20 sounds good. There is a different tuning harp I want to try. There are other brands that are good (Lee Oscar ). A chromatic harmonica raises the pitch 1/2 step , like a vibrato that is fixed to only raise the pitch on a gtr. Listen to "I Was Born to Love Her"
  2. Marshall DSL 40 watt is good and cheaper than the UK Marshalls.
  3. Two very different channels. I like "Classic" , set clean.
  4. I used to play " We Are Family" 5 times a week when I had only a Gibson RD Artist bass. I didn't sound like the record for sure ! How would Ox play it ? That sound seems so studio-compressed when he poped the strings. (Chic, that is ) Didn't Bernard crank the e.q. mostly full-on ?
  5. It seems to be blue sparkle . Blue stain would have been nice for wood lovers.
  6. MY Bassman was a 1967 model ,rated at 50 watts RMS. It seemed to put out a lot less power though. A Kustom 200 was way louder.
  7. I went from a Kustom 200 315c to a Vox Westminster with two 18 cabinets. Absolutely no improvement in sound (1970). That Vox sure looked good. Most locals used a Peavey 215 and a Peavy head. This was a fairly loud,reliable amp. When I got 2 SVT cabinets in1975 people started to take notice. Little amps never were as good. Now my ABM 610 sounds as good as the Ampeg- I just can't lift it !
  8. Keith played a white one on a live DVD and even GAVE one to Buddy Guy on stage in NY. That Varitone switch looks cool , players ( like Keith) prefer no Varitone.
  9. If you like that SG you will like the new LP Jr. with one P-90 also.
  10. The Series 1 caught my attention as I read the Alembic price list. It might be $10,000 or so with regular wood. How many new 'Bics are sold each year ? 100? or 1000 ? There are more than 10 models.
  11. I like the green ones also on bass and the yellow for gtr. They are unbreakable like nylon but harder (percussive like a piano ) . Tortex is good for me.
  12. I don't like that tune much either , check out the high bassey notes on "Rain". You don't hear that sort of sound anymore. Also listen to the high notes on "With A Little Help From My Friends". Is that some phaser or chorus effect that makes it stand out ? Go back to Rubber Soul for his best parts that drive the song.
  13. The Ashdown RM 500/210 combo has an 8 ohm extension speaker jack . The e.q. is good and the compressor is useful. I have the RM 500 head and it has not seemed lacking in tone or power.
  14. I like my RM 115 cabinets. The RM 500 head has crisper treble than my ABM 600.
  15. I would get this in a 5 string. Also a mapleglow Rickenbacker 4003. I already have a 2017 4 string USA Ray. Of course a Dolphin Warwick or a Thumb might cost that much and be good but they are heavy.
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