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  1. grenadillabama

    Ashdown RM 500 & RM 115 Cabinets

    I just got the Rootmaster 500 EVO II and two RM 115 cabinets for a lightweight amp . The cabinets sound pretty well-dampened for 15s. I was hoping for a new RM 800 EVO II but the ones available may have been the earlier version . I can lift these cabinets easy.
  2. grenadillabama

    Elf in Action

    I saw a review where the 2 8" cabinet had 200w drivers (hence the high price). The head is not expensive. I wonder if a light 410 would be better ?
  3. grenadillabama

    REM at the BBC last night

    He sure had a cool mumble . I saw them when they had a Rickenbacker bass. I was impressed !
  4. grenadillabama

    Fender American Performer Mustang Bass

    I want the jack on the control plate too, then it could only have 2 knobs. Wait, it could have 2 stacked pots with tone and volume for each pickup- add $100 !
  5. grenadillabama

    Fender American Performer PJ

    I wonder how they sound different ? The American Special I have has more upper mids than other Precisions but this new American Performer also has the Jazz pickup. I do have an old JP 90 with those pickups (not the Yo. but extra loud) and it has a Jazz-width neck so not that exactly . Lake Placid is a cool blue so that one interests me.
  6. grenadillabama

    Ported v sealed

    I just recently got a new RM 115 and it is the smallest,lightest 115 cabinet I have owned ! NO PORTS !
  7. grenadillabama

    Lead through the strap?

    Your strap holds it (the cord) tight against the body of your bass. The Beatles taught me that ! Everyone I have played with who didn't do this unplugged in the middle of a song and everyone knew who screwed up. Very few gtr players changed their ways however.
  8. grenadillabama

    Fender American Performer Mustang Bass

    My Mustang PJ beats my old 70s Mustang w. racing stripe because it gets deeper lows , thanks to the Precision pickup. The Jazz pickup makes it a little more of a two-pickup bass. A fatter Jazz pickup like a Quarter Pounder might be better. A extra fat Thunderbird pickup (or Stingray) back there would be nice. The big 105 E string probably helps the PJ sound good.
  9. grenadillabama

    The Roadworn 50's P......I get it.

    I think "lacquer" means the finish on both neck and body . -not Poly. There is a Fender 50s model for about $750 with a wide 1.75" nut , aluminum pickguard, and reverse direction machines. I might go for that model as it is not 'roadworn' and the bridge is shiney. They come in burst and a lovely blonde that matches the yellowish pickguard. The whole bass is close to yellow . -The neck and fingerboard are one piece.
  10. grenadillabama

    10" Bass driver recomendations

    I got an Eminence Beta 10 that has worked well in an Ashdown ABM 610. It was $80 in the States. 200w Next I want to try Celestion for a regular-magnet 10. Neos are too costly for the low-paying gigs I get.
  11. grenadillabama

    HIWATT cabs, Celestion Vs Fane??

    I think way back Fanes had bigger magnets and cast frames. They could still be blown out with a 100w head and only one cabinet. Celestions (and all brands really) have gotten harder to blow. The 75w Celestions in a Marshall 1960 (UK made) 412 can survive any 100w head. Fane now have some 150w 12" gtr speakers with big magnets. For bass check out Celestion neo 8" and 10" speakers. I want some Celestion 10s for an old Ampeg cabinet .
  12. grenadillabama

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    Same here. Also check out "Unloaded"-Kirk Swan (uses a 12 string a lot), The Sunshine Boys -"Blue Music" (female bass player and drummer,plus guy on a cheerful-sounding gtr with happy words ), Hop Along "Bark Your Head Off Dog "- (singer has a WIDE range and the melodies have some big jumps ) . Guided By Voices was the best live show I saw this year. Here are some photos from the show at Saturn , Birmingham, Alabama. The Precision/SVT combo did justice to rock music.
  13. grenadillabama

    Greta Van Fleet - Birmingham O2

    Precision Bass is missing a knob . Who wants to give him 2 knobs for Christmas ? Noel Redding used to get a better sound with a pick and a Sunn. They are trying hard and are bound to change the sound some...
  14. I would like to see a test where a big 500w or 800w amp were connected to a large 810 : turned up till a clean sound became a bit distorted, then turned down a little until it 'got clean' . Then a mic placed 25' or 50' back would be connected to a recorder with a VU meter ,set to read "0 dB". Then another brand of amp tried (like GK & Ashdown ) to see which was louder with a similar tone. There would be rankings on down to the lousy , crummy amps we all wish to avoid. What do the newest Acoustic amps sold by Guitar Center really put out in clean watts ? They are loud at the store and have pretty blue lights but do I want one. (I like Ashdown best)
  15. grenadillabama

    Bass drum mic creating havoc with my sound

    Yes, but what if the P.A. was somewhat feeble, barely able to do two part vocal harmony ? I recall a Kustom with 100 watts (rated) and cabinets the size of shoeboxes with two 6.5" woofers and a piezo tweeter ? The band did not do stadium gigs-25 people was a good turnout. We needed a proper P.A. The drummer had a 24" Ludwig bass drum but had a lazy bass drum foot. The strange thing is we got paying gigs !