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  1. The glow is most effective when the color changes as you play a good loud note.The blue is a beautiful vision indeed ! Not little tubes - I mean the big output tubes like my first amp , a 50w Bassman .All I had to do is turn out the house lights and stand behind the amp !
  2. She taught grammer school back in Canada . So she's got some book learnin' too ! If my school teachers looked like her and played bass I might recall their names ! " Miss Crow, may I go to the bathroom please ??? "
  3. My first Ashdown was a wide Mag 300. My Mag 600 also does not seem extra loud . I think you might need about 1/2 of the input meter and a 4ohm cabinet for more volume.
  4. My Precision Deluxe has a Jazz-width nut. (Mexican) Doesn't the American Performer have a regular Precision neck ?
  5. A SG will be more percussive than a LP and chords die out a lot quicker too.
  6. I like the idea of "splitting" a note so you get a second sound going. Also to hum a note while playing a harmony note. Open holes ? Offset G ?
  7. No Ashdown head looks bad, but a classy wooden sleeve beats a naked rack mount always !
  8. I already had a blue 'Stang so I got another one . I call it "Pinkie".
  9. Fender used a dye injected into a living tree to make the Wildwood colors. That is what a catalog said. Have you seen one ever ? They did make a pretty picture.
  10. Some fret buzz was something he could control better than most players. Notes were never choked out.
  11. I saw pictures of colored Rootmaster cabinets somewhere . Are they still made ? I would like the light blue or surf green color on some RM 410 cabinets.
  12. I have used D'Addario nickel roundwounds but I want to go back to steel roundwounds. I do fear for the frets but the Stingray has big frets.
  13. Jetglow means "jet black". I have a jetglow 4003 and the white binding looks great, I must say ! -like the white binding on a black (ebony) Les Paul Custom. My other 4003 is "fireglow" . That means sunburst with red or orange stain in the middle like 3-color 'burst on a Fender.
  14. I have the one-pickup version and it has a warm low end and enough highs to be distinct. It is real "polite" and small hands can reach around the rounded neck easier. After this good impression I opened the control area and discovered the body is made of plywood!! Mine is Korean made.
  15. I have the earlier version (without bypass switch). Set "flat=center detent , it is somewhat hot-sounding with more mids and highs. And it has a Jazz-width neck. You can tweek it bassey if you like. Different than average Precision sounds. I have HW 1 Precisions also and they are also worthy basses.
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