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  1. I have a '97 and it is a separate maple fingerboard . Also mine has the graphite stiffening rods each side of the truss rod . The neck will stay straight. My case is identical . Can't you play it first ? My '97 has a white pearl pickguard added .
  2. I got a Hohner Rocket Amp harmonica for Christmas. I like it more than the Special 20. Superb tone !
  3. I have done this with gtr and it sounds like a bigger room (good). Also , add reverb or delay to the room mic to make it sound like a big room.
  4. I liked my Ashdown Superfly but the power was lacking. I kept it though. Now my Ashdown RM500 seems plenty powerful enough. I still want the new RM800 .
  5. That Baxendale eq was also used well on old Vox stuff . It is well-liked , but not hard to understand. Those fancy narrow-wide Q preamps or Alembic controls are interesting .
  6. Ashdown ABM 600 for tone and looks / Gallien Kruger 1001RBII has a little more power (700w)
  7. My Naka works fine in the computer room. The living room has the mediocre Teacs . They only start/stop well with the remotes. Also the treble from them is not real crisp. Remember when you played bass through an 18 (like my Vox Westminster ) the sound was not great ? The Teacs are mellow more than hi fi .
  8. Can anyone recommend a currently available cassette deck to replace my old Nakamichi BX-100 ? I have bought two Teac decks with fair sound . Would a Tascam cassette deck be the best ?
  9. Ashdown Superfly - the 250 w per side version. Mine gets warm though.
  10. I have a Ray but the stores don't have so many Sterlings. The metal control plate curved around the edge make the Ray recognizable , like the Jazz control plate and the Precision pickguard . I want a blue Sterling with a maple neck some day ...
  11. I got this Fender Malibu Player to maybe use in a gig . It reminds me of surfing and now I need to learn surfing as well as a single act. Surfing might be more reasonable though !
  12. yes and now they do maple fingerboards on their basses- at first it was only rosewood
  13. This topic has made me get out a few harmonicas and play with a neck brace . I can do "Out On the Weekend" by Neil Young and other easy tunes . I want a Hohner Rocket with low notes .
  14. Tell it ! Some tunes have a good bass part and some songs are a recording experiment that turned out nice . I like rock .
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