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  1. [quote name='markdavid' timestamp='1465340714' post='3067455'] I have a squier bass with the standard fender style bridge,it's a great bass but would be good to get the action a bit lower than the bridge will currently allow,neck relief etc is all ok, a neck shim is a possibility as is filing the current saddles but was wondering does anybody know of some low profile bridge saddles that i could try? [/quote] I haven't heard of such a thing, maybe it's because shimming the neck is way less time consuming and much cheaper to do.
  2. [quote name='byrne182' timestamp='1465314403' post='3067046'] Probably treading on dangerous ground here but I can't help thinking that there is a serious amount of "babying" going on with basses..... They are tools at the end of the day aren't they?? Surely I'm not the only on who has the opinion that a bass sounds better if you beat the living crap out of it.... am I? I know not all styles of music allow crap beat-age... I understand keeping them in good working order, but they are built to be played after all. [/quote] Sounds a bit judgemental there and the notion that a bass somehow sounds "better" if you "beat the living crap out of it" is dubious to me - listening with eyes methinks. Just do whatever you want to do with your basses and leave others to use theirs as they see fit.
  3. [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1464872119' post='3063334'] I wouldn't pay that much for what is just a serviceable bass with most likely a dull thuddy sound. [/quote] So you've played it then?
  4. Same as any buffered pedal I would have thought - when the battery gets low the result is either nothing or unpredictability.
  5. Centre block is a concrete block I think I had a Starcaster and it was also surprisingly heavy for a semi-hollow.
  6. Last Friday I saw Brian Wilson in Glasgow on the Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary tour. He's a bit shuffly on his feet these days but he's still got it. Played heaps of hits AND the entirety of Pet Sounds. One of the best gigs I've ever attended - everything was there, from the falsetto singing to the electro-theremin
  7. [quote name='iloveturtles' timestamp='1464897083' post='3063685'] Hello all. I just bought a Hipshot Supertone for my Epiphone Thunderbird which will eventually be a Fenderbird. I assembled it and the first impression I got was, wow, this is huge. It's really thick and after looking closely on the saddles it looks like you would need to have the pickups super high up. Just like the Epi-T looks like stock. Am I right in this? I really hate that huge gap between the strings and the body that the Epi-T stock has. Am I better off just buying a Gotoh or Badass? [/quote] It's designed to directly replace the three pointer, so it's going to directly replace it, string height and all. If you're intent on keeping the three point bridge mounting you might get a lower down solution with the Babicz three point replacement (it has a spacer plate to bring it up to three point height but obviously it can be omitted) but I can't confim that having never held one in my hand or worked with one. I never had a bother with the Supertone on my Gibson RD or NR Thunderbird, but I didn't have a problem with where the strings were on them originally so that might have something to do with it
  8. [quote name='Funky Dunky' timestamp='1464870538' post='3063301'] They look as if they'd be bad for neck dive! [/quote] How do you figure that? The top strap button is beyond the 12th fret, usually that bodes well for balance.
  9. [quote name='nerminater' timestamp='1464801591' post='3062734'] I'm looking at a dealers website that says the white LTD Ed one has a mahogany body and top, and the gold signature one has a maple body and top. Anyone shed any light on this? And are the white ones old stock? [/quote] White one is maple body and top with mahogany neck according to Epiphone website.
  10. Welcome to the forum, K450B. Come on into the forum and be condescending and impatient, that's cool.
  11. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1464686563' post='3061352'] A lot of people are going to chime in OBBM but I believe he only makes black cables. For a coloured cable, I don't think you can beat a Van Damme with neutrik plugs. Get Designacable to make them to your spec from their website or from their eBay shop... [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gold-Neutrik-Guitar-Jack-to-Jack-Lead-Long-Van-Damme-Cable-3m-6m-10m-Electric-/161211536768?var=&hash=item2588f4d580:m:mQp66EkdbGBr1aeXINo4YVQ"]http://www.ebay.co.u...bGBr1aeXINo4YVQ[/url] I have used a lot of Van Damme cables and never had any fail - and of course, they sound great too. Good enough for Abbey Road, Air and the Beeb, good enough for me etc... [/quote] Does appear to only be doing black cable at the moment, but he's done others in the past - I have a couple of blue ones for sure.
  12. One of these days one of these threads which sound incredibly useful from the title surely has to be applicable to originals bands. Alas, my wait continues...
  13. [quote name='lefrash' timestamp='1464417973' post='3059283'] I must say though, I also find the 'funny' mock ups of fender logos really cringey too! 😂 [/quote] Aww, I thought the Imprecision one was quite well thought out as a double meaning - the origins of the bass in question and my bass playing
  14. [quote name='Kex' timestamp='1464105187' post='3056592'] As i keep saying, I knew how much the VAT was and i knew how much the import duty was, my surprise was that the PO charged almost three times that to collect it. [/quote] It's a flat fee covering the administrative overhead of someone presenting the goods to HMRC, paying the duty on your behalf then collecting the money from you. It's always going to appear extortionate/ridiculous when applied to small value items, but put in perspective it barely covers 1 hour's work at minimum wage. EDIT - beaten to it, and way more eloquently.
  15. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1464042966' post='3056124'] If the only options were a P or a J bass I'd go back to playing synth. [/quote] You're clearly a sandwich short of a picnic, BRX, you heretic
  16. How dare a sizeable group of people be interested in something other than music, eh?
  17. [quote name='Grahambythesea' timestamp='1463935139' post='3055111'] The machinery to cut out the bodies etc can't owe them much after all this time. Let's face it, the Tbird isn't much more than an electrified plank of mahogany, minimal shaping. If they dropped the price to sub £800 I bet they'd sell them in droves and make as much profit out of volume as. They do out of over-pricing. [/quote] Let's face it, the P bass isn't much more than an electrified lump of alder with a few twiddly bits carved out of it (ooh, [i]fancy[/i]) and a stick of maple screwed into it
  18. [quote name='Leftfret' timestamp='1463874655' post='3054725'] Here's one to stir the pot!! ... (Be honest all you Rickenbacker 4001/3 and Gibson EB players - you all come back to the fold sooner or later) [/quote] Also, you'll need two spoons to stir both those pots.
  19. [quote name='Casablancas' timestamp='1463899669' post='3054749'] And when are they going to make a shortscale run of these basses? It would be so cool ;_; [/quote] I doubt that this will ever happen unless Jack Casady lands on his head from a substantial height and forgets how his signature bass looks and feels
  20. I suppose it's P for me - I dislike Jazz basses more than I dislike Precision basses.
  21. They had a fire sale of NR Tbirds and the 2014 anniversary range too. How often does history have to repeat itself before lessons are learned? I lovehate Gibson so much.
  22. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1463773243' post='3054037'] I really want to pick one of these blue ones up, I was sent a picture by a mate who works at the shop I used to work at. The only thing putting me off was the black pickup. Don't know what I'd do to remedy that issue. [/quote] Looks pretty good in real life - it's shiny black, not the usual matt black casing.
  23. They play very well, sound great and are super light too - a big bonus for long gigs (or playing two gigs in one night with bruised ribs). I sold my first one a couple of years ago to free up some funds, regretted it, almost bought one of the white ones but when these blue ones came along (and I saw how they actually look versus the stock images), I could resist no longer.
  24. [quote name='The-Ox' timestamp='1463763236' post='3053947'] Anybody have one? [/quote] I'm on my second!
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