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  1. I discovered that radio controlled Technic Lego was a thing on Christmas Eve, so I bought me some of that Nothing bassy though.
  2. The last time I gigged my Tribute SB-2, the sound guy asked if it was active. Yes, MFD pickups are hot
  3. [quote name='scrumpymike' timestamp='1482601520' post='3201801'] Which Gibbo model is that? [/quote] Grabber 3 '70s Tribute Bass http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Bass/Gibson-USA/Grabber-3-70s-Tribute-Bass.aspx
  4. There was a 3 pickup Danelectro Hodad and of course the Gibson G-3 (original and modern "tribute"). The Hodad had full 7 options via a 6 way rotary and a switch. The Gibson offerings only give three options (1+2, 1+2+3, 2+3) so acted more like a two pickup bass with the pickup coils far apart.
  5. The key thing for me is no movement within the package - don't stuff it so tight that you risk bursting the box of course, but pack it tight with soft material enough that when you shake the box, it feels like you're shaking one solid object.
  6. See Jules' page for some closeups of the wiring of a properly done G-3 http://www.flyguitars.com/gibson/bass/G3_wiring.php
  7. [quote name='DanEly' timestamp='1481304505' post='3191408'] Are the pickups meant to be out of phase with each other and does the coloured wired from each pickup suggest exactly where they go e.g Black + Red = Neck? [/quote] The middle one is reversed as opposed the other two so it will always be humbucking regardless of the setting of the switch. My reading of the circuit is that the middle one is always in series with either pickup or the bridge/neck in parallel (in phase) in the middle position.
  8. I can't speak personally about the RBX line but I've gigged a BB300 before (cheapest BB bass at time of manufacture I think) without issue or complaint. And my bass tutor from back in the day gigged with an RBX170 often - sounded great to me
  9. [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1480538087' post='3185268'] I can't speak about the videos, but much of pop music for the last 30 years has been pants anyway. I had the misfortune to be a passenger in a car with the radio tuned to radio 2 the other day. [b]The Scottish guy[/b] going, Steve Wright on the journey back. What a load of absolute rubbish. I can't believe the number of elderly 'stars' who seem to have records put at the moment. It's coming up to Christmas I guess. Most weren't very good years ago. I mean, shaking Stevens ! [/quote] Och aye, because all us Scottish guys sound the same...
  10. [quote name='Animalbeats' timestamp='1480546513' post='3185399'] Hi Looking for Gibson RD bass schematics so I can make my own, as I'll never be able to afford one. Can anyone help? Thanks Gordon [/quote] Let's presume you're talking about the RD Artist (as the Standard is a basic passive VVT schematic) - you say you'll never be able to afford one yet you want to recreate the Moog circuit? How much is your time worth?
  11. Every drummer I've ever played with has been great, both in terms of temperament and ability. Been in three different bands with one of them. Seems I've been extremely fortunate from the highly anecdotal evidence presented here.
  12. I really don't know why the more elegant pun of "Imprecision Bass" never caught on in the comedy logo world. I thought it was pretty funny.
  13. [quote name='PawelG' timestamp='1479980263' post='3180701'] Any opinions on using toothpaste on chromes? [/quote] Your bass will be minty fresh?
  14. I polish frets with either T-cut or Brasso, whichever mild abrasive I have at the time. I mask off the fingerboard with masking tape running next to the frets, then crack on. Obviously this is purely cosmetic.
  15. Nice one, glad the cab made it down in one piece, that you had a good gig and the sound (and weight ) is to your liking.
  16. Vin bought my Zoot 4x10 cab. Everything went smooth, good comms, paid super promptly. All good here
  17. [quote name='Colonel36' timestamp='1479447715' post='3176584'] Thanks Bass bunny / Thunderbird. I've ordered one of those and just hope I've got the right length. Incidentally....what's the difference 'tween mono or stereo ones. [/quote] Stereo ones have a third terminal (for the ring part of a stereo jack). In electric bass terms this is mostly used to complete the circuit to switch on the power to active electronics using a mono jack plug (this bridges the ring and sleeve connections). In a passive bass it is irrelevant - use the tip and sleeve terminals as usual and ignore the ring.
  18. All things going well I'm going to see 'Arry in May 2017. Unbelievably, Maiden are coming to little old Aberdeen again, Glasgow being the only other Scottish date. To be honest, I thought 2011 would be the last time they ever came this far up, 1990 being the time before that. This will be my third time seeing them (also saw them at Download Festival 2007). Excited!
  19. Here is a wiring diagram, taken from Cadfael's passive wiring book (http://161589.homepagemodules.de/t29f2-Cadfaels-kleine-Schaltplan-Sammlung-fuer-passive-E-Baesse.html - very good resource, PDF link is at the bottom of the page) If the wiring looks sound then check the switch - if some of the contacts aren't being pushed together enough by the physical action of the lever then it might cause cut out. Chandlers == replacement pickguard. Perhaps the old one cracked or warped? Hope all that helps.
  20. I forgot I even had this ad here. Finally got off my butt and weighed/measured it for interested parties: Dimensions - 620x660x440mm Weight - 21kg/46.2lb
  21. [quote name='ivansc' timestamp='1478248560' post='3167789'] Nope - the travis/bigsby guitar in the country museum hall of fame in Nashville predates the strat by a long way as far as I know. [url="https://www.vintageguitar.com/1807/bigsby-merle-travis-electric-guitar/"]https://www.vintageg...lectric-guitar/[/url] Not a good photo but the story is there including dates and of course there are others. [/quote] I reckon the sticky out tongue smiley suggests the author was very aware of this
  22. Yamaha BB1200s Musicman Big Al 4 SSS Gibson G-3 (original, not 70s Tribute - I miss mine a bit) An old, beat up, missing bits post 1972 Gibson EB-3L for restoration. Money available for this - none. Anyone feeling generous?
  23. Aberdeen Originals: Krakatoa, Cafe Drummond, Vulture Lounge, Underdog, The Tunnels, The Lemon Tree, Upstairs at O'Neills, sometimes The Blue Lamp Covers: The Globe, The Rusty Nail, and probably many others that I'm not aware of.
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