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Built my cab.

Marty Forrer

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I had an old GK Neo 112 and aquired a new matching speaker, so after humming and hahing (?) I built a cab to hold them both. Just plugged in my Genz Benz Streamliner 900 and man, this thing slams. The difference between the 112 and this 212 is huge. It weighs 18kg ( I guess that's about 40lbs) and is only 150mm taller than the 112. I built in a tilt handle and recessed castors so it can be wheeled around easily. 600 watts of punch! Looking forward to a gig Friday night.



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10 hours ago, Phil Starr said:

Hope the gig goes well tonight, (though given the time difference I should say I hope it went well. You are probably just finishing :))


Looking forward to hearing how the cab sounded. It looks great.

Hi Phil, Yes, it exceeded my expectations. All my band mates commented on it. Our drummer is the bassplayer in another band and he was very impressed. I had folks wanting to know about the modelling for the cab design. That's way to techie for me :) but I based it on the GK Neo 112 cab I already had and extended it to suit. It came out the same dimensions as a Barefaced SuperTwin, and weighed almost the same as the GK 112 cab, due to my using 12mm ply. I wont change anything other than adding the 4 pole speakon and possibly changing to series wiring to allay agedhorse's fears of me blowing it up with 900 watts! And, of course, he is quite right.

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