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What's one song you ALWAYS mess up, no matter how many times you play it?

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On 09/06/2021 at 10:03, Graham56 said:

Dreams, Fleetwood Mac.

It sits on two chords for ever, then when it gets to the lovely little bass breakdown I've switched off and I miss it. Every time...

I didn't know it had a bass breakdown either. Perhaps I should force myself to actually listen to it.


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13 hours ago, Maude said:

The very prominent bass solo(?) towards the end of 'Special Brew' by Bad Manners. It's simple enough but after a catastrophic balls up once, it plays on my mind through the whole song... 


Oh god, that's my nemesis in the ska set too. I bet I made a bigger mess of it than you did... :lol: 

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1 hour ago, Reggaebass said:

I’ve nearly lost myself quite a few times playing this, the main rhythm comes in on a few off beats throughout the song, I really have to concentrate 


I've seen Sly & Robbie many times - Sly Dunbar often goes off on a tangent but keeps the riddim going.

Must be those French cigarettes.

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2 hours ago, Roger2611 said:

The 2nd solo section of Stevie Wonder's Masterblaster the final run down bit, I know exactly what it is doing but I keep missing a note out which throws the rest of the run out!

I spent ages learning that song and now its been so long since I have played it's fading from memory 😐

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9 hours ago, lozkerr said:

Similar thing happened to me with Teenage Kicks a while back, fortunately during a rehearsal - my mind went completely blank and I just stood there staring at my bass wondering where to put my fingers. Awkward 😧

I had one of those moments at the start of a song we'd played a million times. My mind went completely blank and I ended up just playing root notes.

I was afraid I was having a 'senior moment' but it's never happened since, so I'm pretty sure it's not early onset alzheimer's .

Ummmm, sorry what was the question......???

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