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1983 Pbass No longer available
Market Harborough


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For trade or sale is my 1983 Pbass

I got this bass as a YOB bass not too long ago trying to replace my P that I sold but now I'm back playing with a band I just cant get on with the wider nut width with this being a 44mm. It's a great bass with a few small marks that I have tried to show in the pictures comes with the original white scratchplate and the reliced black one currently fitted (not the best fit but I like the black on black. Weight is roughly 8.1lbs on my rubbish scales but it's a lovely light body.

Strung with Erine Ball cobalt flats it sounds like a Pbass should.Being an 80s bass has the micro tilt neck adjust and truss at the headstock end all working as they should and can get it set up as you like it.

I'm looking for a narrower nut so let me know be it another Pbass/Jazz/G&L or anything interesting but with a 38mm to 40mm nut really. 

Will also sell but would prefer trade with options for a little cash either way. 

Doesnt have a hardcase but can include a softcase. 

(Photos with white scratchplate are from the previous owner) 








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There aren't many 83s around.
The neck is wide at the nut indeed (44mm), but quite thin front to back, and the edges of the fretboard are a bit stiff, making it a rather uncommon profile.
I like it.

These Dan Smith era Fenders are the last ones built at the Fullerton plant.

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I have a Fender P bass Bitsa - The body is an ‘83 Elite with the micro tilt adjustment. It’s really well made and just feels more “curvaceous” than the later Fenders. I bet this is an absolute beauty. Looks fantastic too.

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