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  1. Hi. Sorry to hear you're stopping playing. I'd be interested in one of the black Precision ones (probably the one with the larger height screw recesses) if you'd consider splitting? What are they from, or are they aftermarket? Cheers, Tim
  2. Picture is apparently of a 500w 115T? Per the sticker on the back anyway...
  3. Top man Shep: great comms, paid for my Schroeder cab up front, turned up where and when expected and didn’t even throw a wobbly when he discovered a minor issue with it that I was unaware of (loose screw holding a speaker in!). Thoroughly decent chap: deal with confidence and his feedback speaks for itself!
  4. Played through Matt's OTB yesterday when trying and buying his Compact. Great amp, great guy!
  5. Hi. I've had two people tell me in the last day that they're unable to send me a PM. Any idea why that might be? Not a good time as I'm trying to sell something! Another forum I used to frequent had an inbox limit: in case it's this I've deleted all messages, but there weren't many so seems unlikely. Any help appreciated and thanks for a great site! Cheers, Tim
  6. My ageing spine has forced me to re-evaluate my amplification choices, and as a result my faithful Schroeder 1212L is up for grabs. It's the 4 ohm model and has tweeter control, Speakon and jack inputs: for the uninitiated it's a 2x12 cab with one of the speakers firing sideways which brings down the size and improves dispersion. Weight is 21kg on my scales: far from heavy for a 2x12 but having suffered three slipped discs so far I need to minimise any likelihood of a repeat, but I'm getting warning signs that this could be on the cards if I'm not careful! Condition is very good I'd say: one or two small scuffs that are barely visible, one or two bigger ones that have been touched up and are also barely visible, and an area of rubbed paint that has a slightly faded appearance. This is an excellent cab that's been lightly used and never abused: wish I didn't have to part with it but c'est la vie. The side-firing speaker is great for sound distribution on stage (and out front at smaller gigs without PA support) and helps to make the overall package probably smaller than your average 2x10, let alone a 2x12. I'm looking for £350 for it: located a couple of miles from M40 J7 (near Oxford) and is offered for collection only at this stage. Cheers!
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