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  1. Both phones with cracked screens now sold. Number 3 (the 6 with no issues) still available: price reduced to £75.
  2. Looking to move my Yamaha PAC-303 electric 12 string on. In virtually unmarked condition save for a very shallow indentation about 1 inch by half an inch around the belt area. Have tried to photograph it with no success but the finish is unbroken and it's barely visible unless it catches the light right. I've had it probably 6 or 7 years: bought it, played '8 Miles High' and a few other classic 12 string licks for about half an hour and put it on its stand. Where it remained pretty much untouched until today! I barely have time to play 4 or 6 strings, let alone 12 , but of course it's inevitable that as soon as it leaves for pastures new a project will come along for which a 12 string is obligatory... Very nice guitar: not as aesthetically pleasing as a Ricky or a Fender Electric XII for sure, but highly regarded, versatile (Strat switching) well put together, plays very nicely and sounds great for pennies (relatively speaking!). And pleasingly it stays in tune remarkably well! Collection only initially please. Fire away if you have any questions!
  3. Clearing out some surplus iPhones following upgrades/replacements, as follows: 1. 6S (Model 1688). 128GB. Rose Gold. Very cracked screen and non-functioning home button. Works fine with ‘assistive touch’ workaround, or button can be replaced but TouchID will be lost as I understand it. Few scuffs on one edge and a dink in mute button but apart from all that it’s in very good condition ! Battery a bit tired. Unlocked. £75. 2. 6 (Model 1586). 16GB. White/silver. Cracked screen. Lots of pin-prick dinks and scratches on back but works fine. £60. 3. 6 (Model 1586). 16GB. White/silver. In very good condition save for a few small marks on the edges: has always had a screen protector and rear protector. £85 Now £75 All have been used with Vodafone SIMS so they’ll definitely work on Vodafone: I honestly can’t remember if some or all are unlocked or not but if you’re on Vodafone you’ll be fine! No accessories provided but all will be sent in proper Iphone boxes. Priced to (hopefully) reflect condition: includes UK postage.
  4. Hi. Sorry to hear you're stopping playing. I'd be interested in one of the black Precision ones (probably the one with the larger height screw recesses) if you'd consider splitting? What are they from, or are they aftermarket? Cheers, Tim
  5. Picture is apparently of a 500w 115T? Per the sticker on the back anyway...
  6. Top man Shep: great comms, paid for my Schroeder cab up front, turned up where and when expected and didn’t even throw a wobbly when he discovered a minor issue with it that I was unaware of (loose screw holding a speaker in!). Thoroughly decent chap: deal with confidence and his feedback speaks for itself!
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