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  1. What he said. And put the saddles in a tub with a bunch of nails and give them a good shake for a few minutes...
  2. Many thanks for the kind words gents. It's solid as a rock and sounds really decent thanks to the Tonerider/Ki0gon combo And the headstock turned out far better than I expected, although as I say the finish isn't exactly mirror flat!! I hope it sells in one piece: it's a really decent budget bass, if you can live with with one or two minor cosmetic issues. Having just acquired a mint 2010 Fiesta Red 60s CV P there's a lot to be said for a bass having a spot of 'patina': I'm scared to breathe on it in case it picks up a ding!
  3. ZVEX Seek Trem boutique tremolo pedal. Bright, shiny and near-immaculate save for Velcro, with Cusack tap tempo mod. Really clever device: effectively works as a tremolo or turns bass/guitar into an analog sequencer, sound-wise at least! Read online reviews for a better description, but suffice to say it does a very authentic ‘How Soon Is Now’! Reason for sale: slimming down my guitar board to ‘the basics’! Price includes insured UK shipping, add £10 for Europe.
  4. SOLD PENDING... Parting out options removed: too good to split! Next up on the block in my attempts to rationalise/downsize is my Squier/Tonerider/Kiogon 'bitsa'. It comprises: A Squier Affinity body A Squier Vintage Modified neck A Tonerider pickup A Kiogon circuit A BBOT bridge from a Squier VM Jazz A decent quality BWB scratchplate I've undertaken a few items of 'home relic-ing', as follows: Headstock tinted. Always thought the VM heads look a little anaemic, though of course that's a matter of taste. Personally much more happy with the look now, though it's a little rough to the touch. Fret markers darkened. Now returned to standard. Bridge chrome dulled. A few marks, knocks and dings, the worst of which are on the back and show best using flash photography. Also a couple of lacquer cracks at the neck pocket, but these were already present when I got the neck and body as the basis for this project a couple of years back and haven't moved since. Flash makes these look worse than they are though, but would rather be upfront about it. Plenty of ‘swirlies’ too but all adds to the ‘charm’! Any questions, let me know. Price includes UK postage, Europe add a tenner.
  5. A few minor dings aside, I doubt there's a better Jazz out there at this price. Postage now considered (probably 'neck-off' given the apparent lack of bass boxes at my local music shops!), along with possible trades for CV/Matt Freeman P Bass with cash your way if necessary...
  6. Apple iPhone 6. 16GB. Space Grey. Vodafone. Some minor scratches on screen and marks on edges and rear casing but nothing too drastic. Battery condition 69%. Latest update installed: no issues. Boxed but no accessories. Now £65 £60!. Price includes UK postage.
  7. Using the ‘weigh myself then weigh myself holding it’ method, 10 lb 8 oz. But currently on hold pending agreement of arrangements for collection...
  8. FURTHER PRICE DROP TO £230 £220 Offering up my Squier Vintage Modified 70s Jazz Bass for sale. These are highly regarded and for good reason: fantastic quality, super-solid and with a beautiful neck. Plays as well as any bass I own or have owned, and with a Gotoh 201 bridge, Di Marzio DP 123 pick-ups and a Kiogon ‘push/pull’ loom will be more than a match for many other modern Jazzes. Knobs swapped out too for a more authentic look. A few small bruises as shown. Selling as it just doesn’t get the playing time it truly deserves and I just seem to be more of a Precision man! Original pickups also supplied. Collection from near Oxford initially please: questions welcomed!
  9. I can only echo machinehead's comments. A wish to preserve my increasingly fragile lower back led me to flog my Schroeder 2x12 and shift to the Compact as it was much lighter and less awkward to lift and carry. The Schroeder was a fantastic cab and I wasn't sure the seemingly less substantial Compact could cut it in comparison, but it certainly does. Ticks a lot of boxes for £300: certainly wouldn't be moving it on were it not for Super Compact GAS and one coming up close to home (thanks Simon...!)
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