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SOLD: Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas PJ IV Lime Green Metallic- £700 delivered

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Well, this is a bit of a heartbreaker but sadly this gorgeous Charvel is a tiny bit too heavy for my knackered shoulders and neck. It weighs in at 9lbs 10 according to my wife's digital kitchen scales and my limit is 9lbs. Funny how half a pint can make such a difference. 

I've had this less than a month and it is totally immaculate apart from a tiny (tiny) lacquer crack at the top of the neck pocket. I've done my best to picture this and it's incredibly difficult to see: it's very small but for full disclosure it has to be mentioned. and played for less than an hour. I've managed to get the action nice and low and it plays beautifully. The Dimarzio pickups sound ace too. The active electronics are make this an incredibly adaptable bass too  

The neck is Jazz width and is a lovely piece of roasted maple. The colour is stunning. 

These sell at £849. They don't come with gigbags but I have the original box so it will be well packed. 

I'll let this go for £700 inc. insured postage.  

No trades please, unless it's a lightweight (sub-9lbs) US Standard P Bass for which I could add a bit of cash  









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2 hours ago, Old Horse Murphy said:

Thanks for all your comments chaps.l, it's a bit gutting but just one of those things I guess. 

@Old Horse Murphy

I don't have a P to trade but there's a lightweight Sandberg Electra P bass on reverb at the moment might fit the bill if you're looking ;)


4kg give or take 5g


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53 minutes ago, Ricky Rioli said:

German reviewer giving it a very German review, very clear and thorough 


Thanks, that's really useful. Definitely an eye-opener for me as I've only ever played it with Gain at 21% or 23%. Never at 22% though.

That's my evening sorted....

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5 minutes ago, Ricky Rioli said:

Also for me, I had always assumed that playing slap bass with your shirt tucked in had been illegal since 31 Dec 1989

I guess in the land where David Hasselhoff is God, tucked in shirts are the order of the day 

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