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My DIY black hardware refurb..

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Decided to refurbish the black hardware on one of my basses as it was looking decidedly neglected after spending life in the cupboard under the stairs for way too long. In fact, the whole bass looked in need of some TLC.








I stripped everything off, including washers and nuts from the controls, and sanded down to bare metal, doing a final clean with brake cleaner then primed the parts before applying several coats of Plastikote black spray paint.

I put the various screws from the bridge and the tuner cover into the top of a cardboard box, pushed through small holes so that just the head was painted.

I also removed all the grub screws, saddle screws, springs and adjusting bolts and put them in a container of penetrating oil.




Cleaned all the knobs with an old toothbrush and soapy water.

And eventually ended up with everything looking a lot better.



Whilst waiting for paint drying/hardening I took the opportunity to thoroughly clean the neck, it was desperately in need of 'moisturising'.

I see there's another thread gone up about this. I use small round cleansing pad wipes and nail varnish remover (alcohol based) followed by my own lemon oil mix - two parts extra virgin olive oil, two parts white vinegar and one part freshly squeezed lemon juice. Initially the wood is really clean and looks dried out by the alcohol - it is, but it's ok. The lemon oil, which I apply with the same type of cleansing pads needs to soak into the wood for at least 24 hours, but it works brilliantly and rejuvenates the rosewood really well - do NOT use on maple necks, and if you do try the 'recipe' make a sparing amount of it up, it does not keep!

This was the rosewood before the lemon oil:


And the type of grime to come out of the rosewood:



And during soaking:



Once everything has dried, paint has hardened, and neck given a final dry buff, time to put it all back together.










A new set of strings on, full set up, and hopefully this will be getting used this year 🤞

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two parts extra virgin olive oil, two parts white vinegar and one part freshly squeezed lemon juice

Isn't that a recipe for salad dressing?

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23 hours ago, Jean-Luc Pickguard said:

Isn't that a recipe for salad dressing?

Well 😆 yes it is JLP, but leave out the salt and black pepper 😉


It works brilliantly though 👌🏼

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