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Question about set up of a PBass

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I've just taken delivery of a Fender Japan P Bass and the action is very high, especially from the 12th fret onwards. It's higher than I find comfortable on the lower frets too. The bridge saddles are high and any lowering of them causes choking and fret buzz after the 12th fret.  The Truss Rod appears to be maxed out also.

I've changed the strings that were on it as they were very high tension to something with less tension but it's not made any difference.

I've contacted the seller to see if there were  any issues they had experienced with the action but haven't had a reply as yet. I'd really like to be able to drop the action as at the moment, the strings are very "springy" if you try to play them above the 12th fret: in all honesty I'm stumped.


Does anyone have any ideas at all? Thanks!









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Look down the neck from the bridge end - if it t looks straight then it’s a case of lowering the saddles on the bridge, if the neck looks bowed then it’s going to need the truss rod tightening.


could you post some pictures?

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10 hours ago, mentalextra said:

Have you actually measured the neck relief to see how out of spec it is? 

This! The pictures don't help much, to be honest. When you press the strings down at fret 1 and fret 14, how much clearance is left between the string and the frets at the highest point, and at what fret? This will help give an indication of just how convex the neck is.  

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If you need to get the neck straighter Nick and the truss rod nut feels tight, don't force it. If you are confident in doing the work yourself, you need to get the neck straightened by clamping it. This will take the stain off of the truss rod. Then try loosening the nut first, just to release it. You should then hopefully be able to tighten it (after apply a little lubricant), sometimes an extra washer needs to be added but not always. All being well, this would do the trick.


If you need a bit more detail, happy to chat via pm or phone.


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