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Hiya, after years of buggering around with guitars mainly for my own amusement and not necessarily always the amusement of others I got mugged by a so called friend to play bass in his band. Piece of cake I thought, 2 less strings and learn the root notes and Ive cracked it. Things did,nt quite turn out as I expected and when the so called friend chucked 50 songs at me and said learn these it did,nt take me long to realise that I,d better get my act together and learn some technique and a bit of theory or I was going to make a pratt of myself. Not for the first time I admit. 

Living not far from a holiday resort we,ve had a few good summers entertaining the tourists. It,s a shame thats all dried up now with the virus and my only audience are a few sheep and the odd solitary goat. Thats the price you pay for living halfway up a Greek mountain I suppose.

1 Chowny short scale swb passive, 1 G&L LB100 Tribute, 1 Fender Rumble 100, 1Zoom B3N Multi fx, 1 Greek cat (Mildred) 1 Border Terrier (George).

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Good evening, Fternolad, and ...


Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share. rWNVV2D.gif

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