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  1. Athens is awash with music shops, sadly non seem to stock medium scale flatwounds.
  2. My friend has a lighting business that used to export to the EU. He doesn't any more . Its become a nightmare.
  3. I live in Greece. I fancied trying some flats on my SWB1 so mid December I ordered some from Amazon UK. Nope they,ve still not turned up. Never ever had any problems before in the 10 years I,ve lived here so my guess is they are stuck in customs in Athens. Plan B , look on Amazon Germany but medium scale flatwounds seem to be in short supply. Plan C, Thomann. They used to have free delivery to Greece over 50 euro. Not any more its 180. Plan D scour the music shops in Athens of which there are loads, yeh!!!!!! found some. La Bella Flats medium scale, into my basket they go. Hang on it now says long scale , send an email to the shop and ask. Er yes sorry about that , they are long scale we uploaded the wrong picture to our website. Plan whatever, take another chance from the UK and endure the customs rigmarole or basically give up.
  4. I,ts a pity that the writer of the article has convinced himself that life outside of London does,nt exist.
  5. Hope you don,t mind but I,ve just nicked that for my football forum where we also have a film thread. Excellent stuff.
  6. https://youtu.be/aM8mNpe4OFg This is amazing playing but his thumb never moves, it's permanently anchored on the B string. How is he muting, is it with his third finger? It's hard to see.
  7. I,m just thinking of getting rid of my shortscale. I,m not one for collecting basses and having one hanging around that does,nt get played is just not me. I,ve got a Chowny SWB1 passive, its a great bass lovely to play and sounds really good. The problem is it is so heavy, just over 4.6kgs. It kills my back and ironically I bought it to replace a heavy bass. Living where I do i dont get chance to try basses out before I buy them. I just took it for granted that shortscale would equal lighter. To add insult to injury I fitted hipshot tuners to it so on the plus side it has no neck dive whatsoever. I,m not gigging at the moment same as everyone else but when I have used this bass after a couple of hours my back is in bits, as far as nearly seized at the end of the evening when I,ve bent down to turn the amp off. Trouble is while it,s in the house I,m always tempted to pick it up. It,ll have to go before it does me serious damage. The moral of the story, don,t asuume all shorties are light.
  8. Our keyboard player has a terrible habit of picking obscure songs by famous people. The tourists would turn up expecting a dance and a sing song and end up playing Name that Tune.
  9. Fternolad


    Hiya, after years of buggering around with guitars mainly for my own amusement and not necessarily always the amusement of others I got mugged by a so called friend to play bass in his band. Piece of cake I thought, 2 less strings and learn the root notes and Ive cracked it. Things did,nt quite turn out as I expected and when the so called friend chucked 50 songs at me and said learn these it did,nt take me long to realise that I,d better get my act together and learn some technique and a bit of theory or I was going to make a pratt of myself. Not for the first time I admit. Living not far from a holiday resort we,ve had a few good summers entertaining the tourists. It,s a shame thats all dried up now with the virus and my only audience are a few sheep and the odd solitary goat. Thats the price you pay for living halfway up a Greek mountain I suppose. 1 Chowny short scale swb passive, 1 G&L LB100 Tribute, 1 Fender Rumble 100, 1Zoom B3N Multi fx, 1 Greek cat (Mildred) 1 Border Terrier (George).
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