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Why are nut files so expensive??

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I always like to maintain my own basses where I can and something I can't do like fret work I'll go to a luthier. I know perfectly fine how to set up a bass nut and rather than bodge the slots with various implements, I'd like a proper set of nut files specifically made for the job but why are they so damn expensive? £80 odd quid for four files is a bit much for doing one or two now and again, y'know, when you can't help buying a different bass every year, yes we all do it (damn you, interweb!!) unless I was a full time professional luthier.

Are there any sensibly priced file sets (not needle file sets which are no use to man nor beast) out there for the 'home enthusiast' like myself?

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Cost is all relative.

The last bone nut I had cut and installed cost me £50, it would only take two nuts for the files to pay for themselves.

I bought a set of the Hosco ones a year ago and they are easy and efficient to work with. Keep your eye open, sometimes they comes up on offer over here.

The other option is to order from Philadelphia Luthier, they are good value and ship quickly to the UK. Of course you run the risk of being hit by taxes on arrival....

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