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Maruszczyk Jake 5+ P/MM - Sold
East Sussex

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An absolutely stunning example with matching headstock Maruszczyk Jake 5+ P/MM that is around 7lbs / 3.2Kg in weight,

Fitted with passive Delano MC5 HE/M2 and PC5 HE/M2 pickups and comes with a Hiscox hard case.

New D'Addario nickel rounds fitted but I can include some used DR Sunbeams if you'd prefer.

18mm string spacing at the bridge

If you've ever wanted a lightweight 5 stringer that weighs so little that a 2 or 3 hour set leaves little to no impression on your ageing shoulders, then this is the bass to have :)












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Near Uckfield (just over an hour to London bridge by train - and I'm happy to come up to London), but I'm going to be in Cardiff 17th/18th April if anyone wants to meet.

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12 hours ago, walshy said:

Damn the no trades😂

Yup, sorry. Already bought the next bass so this has to go to pay the credit card :(

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On 03/04/2020 at 11:54, Gareth Hughes said:

Hey 6feet7 - is the fingerboard Ebony or a really dark Rosewood?

I think ebony (its hanging next to my other Maruszczyk Jake 5 which is definitely rosewood). I wouldn't stick a load of money at the bookies saying it is (I would put a small amount though). I've always assumed it was ebony but I've no idea really. Here's a close up photo of it compared to the rosewood  one. Andyjr1515 may be the person to ask





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47 minutes ago, vittoriosciascia said:

trade whit my fender precision JV 57   1983?

Sorry, no trades. I'm afraid there's a credit card that needs paying into, otherwise I'd be keeping this :(

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5 minutes ago, vittoriosciascia said:

in euro? how much?

970 Euros plus postage

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    • By Marc S
      This one is really going to hurt - But The "cull" must continue, sadly - I need to reduce the amount of "stuff" I own, and thin my collection (although this need has lessened a little lately).

      For sale only is my Limelight medium relic Precision, in faded Fiesta Red. This really is a superbly built bass, as anyone who knows Mark's work really is.
      NOTE: This bass has a Jazz width neck (which is what I asked Mark for)

      I don't know what pickups Mark uses in his Limelight range - but they sound superb.... the bass has a lovely warm vintage tone. It weighs around 4kg, according to my digital scales. Currently strung with Round wounds, which are in great shape (I put flats on it for a while, but have recently put the supplied round-wounds back on it).

      I don't have a case or spare gigbag, so you will need to bring your own. Collection only - or we can meet somewhere mutually convenient -  I have an excellent Bose Battery powered amp, or Vox Amp Headphones for you to listen to the bass. 

    • By Marc S
      I've been having a bit of a bass clear-out and something of a change recently. It's now 4 out, two in.... and I have another bass currently for sale - so no more new basses after that...... he says, fingers crossed behind back  

      Just got myself a MIJ Fender Lyte Precision from BC's very own blues business - a thoroughly decent sort of guy indeed - thanks mate

      I had never tried a Fender Lyte before. What with increasing age, and wear & tear on joints / shoulders / back etc. After having bought my sub 4kg five string Ibanez recently, - I thought I might like to try out a nice sub 4kg Precision. I was pleasantly surprised at just how light & comfortable this bass is. Plus, the neck is a comfortable Jazz profile. The construction quality feels great, and so far, I'm liking the sound.

      I like a P/J configuration anyway - but this is going to be different, as it's not the usual VVT controls. It has a "Blend" control for the pickups. I'm sure I'll get used to it though. Plus, I'm not normally a huge fan of active pickups - but through my amp headphones, and through my home practice amp, I really like the sound, and I like it a lot. I've got a garden-room / semi open-air acoustic trio jam coming up - so I'm going to take the Lyte along to that, and I must say, I'm really as excited as a kid with a new toy about it  

      The bass came with La Bella Flats on it, and was in need of a set-up. I tried the LaBellas for a day, and decided they were a bit too high-tension for my liking. So I put some new TI flats on it, and obviously had to tweak the truss rod again - but it's playing like a dream now.
      It's a lovely colour IMHO, but the only (slght) downside, is that it's Foto-flame finish. There's some slight crazing to the finish, on the front of the body. I can live with that though..... There was some cracking & lifting of the finish at the back, where you normally get "Buckle rash". I sealed this area, running PVA glue underneath the lifting finish, and when that had dried, I filled any gaps and secured the lifting areas with a combination of modellers filler and some super-glue powder. I've roughly painted the area with some acrylic paint for now - I can lightly sand it back and re-paint when I find a tin of suitably coloured modelling paint.

      That's enough waffling on from me

    • By adamlunt
      Hi everyone,
      I’ve decided to list my old P Bass in favour of something a little more traditional, perhaps with a sunburst and rosewood flavour. Not a desperate sale by any means, but I have a strict 1 in 1 out policy. 
      As you can see, it’s a great example of an old school ash-body, maple-board P Bass. Ready for punk and indie, but can handle soulful RnB all the same.
      I’ve owned the bass for just over five years now, and as a player’s instrument it’s certainly served it’s purpose, so as I’m sure you can understand, it isn’t in collector’s condition. The previous owners have modded the bass over the years as follows:
      Dimarzio PAF pickup - Earlier version of the Model P with the cream cover. Loud and punchy in the mids, but surprisingly dynamic. BadassII bridge installed at some point - Just the badass-est bridge ever! CTS pots - The originals probably wore out. For me, this just ensures the bass works. In 2020 (amidst all the chaos) I had the bass refretted with narrow/tall frets, and as a result it plays like a dream. I chose narrow/tall because they feel comfortable, and have used Daddario Chromes solidly, meaning there is no wear whatsoever. Even the most small-handed players should feel right at home!
      The body has some wear where a previous owner had fitted and removed a thumb rest, and the neck has some areas where the finish has come away, but this is no way affects playability.
      I know the important question with basses from the era is the weight, and while I don’t have scales, I’m guessing it’s 4.5-5kg, with most of the weight in the body. I'm 5'7" and around 9.5st, and it has never felt uncomfortable.
      I am looking for a sale at this point, as I hope to fund another bass, but if there is a nice sunburst P Bass out there, I am prepared to exchange with cash your way if needed. And I'm sure it goes without saying, please feel free to get in touch for more pics or info.
      All the best,


    • By Sibob
      Hi all,
      Back up for cash sale, only trade options would be an Elrick standard Jazz 5 (not sunburst).
      I love this Evolution, sounds awesome, light swamp ash body and looks great. It's a solid 9/10 for condition I'd say. A couple of small indentations, but nothing I'm able to photograph well. Stock, these basses come with Bartolini single-coils, however I've swapped those out for Bartolini dual coils that came direct from Rob Elrick.
      So spec is:
      35″ scale
      Swamp Ash Body
      8.5 Lbs (approx)
      Satin Matte Black Finish
      3-piece Quarter-Sawn Maple Neck
      Ebony Fretboard
      24 frets
      2-way adjustable truss rod
      Bartolini hum cancelling Dual-coil soapbar pickups (Made in the USA)
      Bartolini 3-band pre-amp w/3-way mid and active bypass (Made in the USA)
      Fully shielded control cavity
      Black Hipshot Ultra-light tuners
      Black Elrick bridge – by Hipshot (Made in the USA)
      Dunlop Dual Design strap buttons (Straplok compatible!) (Made in the USA)
      £1550 - I'll include a Fusion Urban gig bag in excellent condition!
      £1500 - No Case
      Shipping would be difficult just at the moment, but we can talk about it as an extra cost, but happy to organise a socially distanced handover as a preference.
      UK only for now.

    • By alexcar66
      Reluctant sale, 2020 Musicman stingray  special 4 string, roasted maple neck, Dropped Copper finish, excellent as new condition, with hard case, comes with 2 scratch plates,black and white. collection preferred, based in Berks, sale only than you.   
      ON HOLD

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